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If you’re planning to visit Bulgaria, these Sofia travel tips that I picked up during my seven-week stay in the city will make your trip better. 

This roundup of six essential Sofia travel tips includes travel apps, hiking sites, resources for free trips, meetups, and all of the people and companies you need to know about in the city.

If you live here or are planning to visit soon, bookmark this list of  Sofia travel tips and resources because I guarantee you’ll want to use it!


Top 6 Sofia Travel Tips for Digital Nomads

This list has something for any kind of traveler. Even if you’re just passing through, there are definitely some helpful sites to make your trip more fun. Meet people, discover hidden places, and simplify your stay with these six resources.


1. TravelSmart

Best for: Cheap domestic and international flights
More Info Here

The Travel Smart website was started by Martin over three years ago. I met him at a travel blogger meet up in Sofia and was really bummed I didn’t know about his website sooner!

Travel Smart is perfect for digital nomads in Sofia who want to save money while exploring the world. Martin finds the crazy cheap flights, both within the country and internationally, and then publishes them daily on the site.

Just this week they had fares from Sofia to Jordan for 47 euros round trip, flights to Israel for 37 euros, and flights to Russia for only 89 euros.

Travel Smart also pairs the flights with hotel deals in the destination city, so your trip is pretty much planned for you. Thanks Martin!


2. IvoTravelling

Best for: Free trips!
More Info Here

I also met Ivaylo at a travel blogger meet up in Sofia and love what he does.

In 2016 he wanted to go on a trip, but it was too expensive to go alone. So, he posted on Facebook to ask if anyone wanted to join… and 18 people showed up! That’s when his idea was born.

Now he created a Facebook page where he hosts free trips every week around Bulgaria and the surrounding countries.

Of course, you need to pay your way on transport and buy food for yourself, but this is still an amazing resource to help you get to the far away and unknown places in the area. Plus, you get to meet fun people along the way.

Trips are usually planned and listed a month or two in advance, so just join the IvoTravelling Facebook group to see what’s coming up next.


3. Trips Journal

Best for: Hiking routes around the country
More Info Here

Trips Journal is another cool blog I learned about at the meetup.

Panayot started it in 2014 and it has become a go-to resource for nature lovers throughout the country. The website is a great resource for avid hikers (like me) looking to get beyond the common routes like Vitosha Mountain or the 7 Rila Lakes.

How does it work? Trips Journal crowdsources not just the best hiking routes in Bulgaria, but all of the hiking routes.

People can actually upload their GPS coordinates from their treks, so there are tons of different options to browse. Check it out to see all of the nature and beauty around Sofia, and then get out there and explore it yourself 🙂


4. Meetup

Best for: Entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts
More Info Here

I’ve known about this website for a while but never used it. Until now, that is.

One of my biggest Sofia travel tips for newbies to the city is to take advantage of everything that’s going on here, and that includes the growing startup scene.

If you know where to look you’ll find there are plenty of tech talks and events with prominent founders and entrepreneurs (and yes, most of them are held in English).

Of course, there’s also the usual board game meetups as well (I went to one and it was great) so this resource will help travelers and digital nomads in Sofia get inspired or get social, whatever you’re looking for at the moment.


5. Travel Bloggers Bulgaria – ASTOM

Best for: Travel bloggers in Sofia
More Info Here

If you don’t blog about it, were you even traveling at all?

I’m just kidding of course, but I know there’s a huge overlap between travel bloggers and digital nomads in Sofia so I think many of you can put this resource to good use.

You can also join the Travel Bloggers for Bulgaria Facebook group to find events in the city, like the recent meet up I attended with over 200 Bulgarian travel bloggers and enthusiasts.

They also share info about other get-togethers you might be interested in, like an annual fall blogger’s retreat in the mountains, workshops on digital marketing, and more.

My friend Maria from Travelling Buzz has really pulled the travel blogging community in Bulgaria together, and it was fun to be a part of it even if it was only for a short time. I made some great connections and wish I could stick around for more.


6. TaxiMe

Best for: Taxi rides in the city
More Info Here

Even if you’re not a blogger or digital nomad, using TasiMe is a Sofia travel tip that every visitor needs to know.

TaxiMe is Bulgaria’s response to Uber. It basically works in the exact same way.

Simply download the app, add your credit card details (or, you can pay for rides in cash) and then you can call taxis to and from anywhere in the city.

There’s nothing I hate more than getting overcharged for a ride when I’m traveling, so this is a great way to make sure you’re paying fair prices and also to keep from getting lost.

In my opinion, the TaxiMe app is definitely a must-have resource for any digital nomad in Bulgaria!


Enjoy Your Trip With These 6 Sofia Travel Tips!

I know these six Sofia travel tips will help you save money, explore more, and travel better during your stay in the country.

Whether you’re here for a few weeks or a few years, the websites and the people behind them are essential for anyone who wants to discover another layer to the city and make the most of their time as a digital nomad in Sofia.

Check them out, and comment below if you have any more recommendations that I missed!

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