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Do you know about the Ohio Donut Trail?

No, not the one in Butler County – I’m talking about a new find right here in Dayton. 

When my dad told me that he was riding it last weekend I knew I had to get all the details to share them with you. Our family friend, Brent Devitt, runs Dayton Cycles (a site that puts together themed rides through Dayton) and the Dayton Donut Trail is one of the first featured routes.

Brent and my dad rode it together this weekend and loved it (I mean, who wouldn’t?) and now that it’s been thoroughly tested and approved it’s time to share it with the world.

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know to ride Dayton’s very own Ohio Donut Trail!


sunny day on a Dayton bike trail


Dayton Donut Trail Stats

Distance: 16.1 miles
Time: 5 – 6 hours
Starting Point: 2nd Street Market (Webster Market)
Loop: Yes
Donut Shops Visited: 7


Where to Start the Dayton Donut Trail

Dayton’s Ohio Donut Trail is great because it’s a loop, so you can start at any of the shops on the route that’s most convenient for you. However, Brent recommends the 2nd Street Market as the start and end point for a few reasons.

First, there’s parking and bathrooms, and second, there’s a bike share station as well. So, if you don’t have a bike or don’t want to lug yours through the city, don’t fear: you can still ride the Dayton Donut Trail.


two donuts from Duck Donuts in Dayton


The Dayton Donut Trail Route

Ready to hit the road?

The Ohio Donut Trail will take you to seven bakeries in Dayton listed below.

You can see the full route already planned out, get specific directions, and even upload it into your GPS at the Dayton Donut Cycle Ride with GPS page. Just keep in mind you’ll need the Ride with GPS free app to access it.

After you have it downloaded, you’ll be ready to go. Here’s a brief overview of the route and what you can expect on the Ohio Donut Trail…


2nd Street Market 

As stated above, this is the ideal starting point because you can park, use the bathrooms, and even rent a bike before you head out. 


Evans Bakery

1.3-mile mark

Evans Bakery was opened in 1969 and ran until 2004, when the Evans family sold it. In 2011 their daughter quit her job as a civil engineer and returned to Dayton to reopen the family business. Evans Bakery has been going strong ever since.

The shop has a selection of bite sized treats for 25 to 40 cents each, and they even got first place for “Best Cinnamon Glazed Twist” during the Dayton Municipal Court Donut Day Celebration in 2016.


American Classic Donuts

7.5-mile mark

In 2018 this shop won the “Best Blueberry Donut in the Miami Valley” award during the Dayton Municipal Court Donut Day Celebration. Also, American Classic Donuts supplies donuts to nearby schools like St. Helen’s so it may just taste like your childhood as well.


Dunkin’ Donuts

7.6-mile mark

It’s always good to calibrate your palette with a chain donut tasting. For research, of course.


Tim Horton’s

10.4-mile mark

Maybe try two chains, just to be sure.


Stan the Donut Man

10.7-mile mark

This donut shop has a classic old-school vibe, which isn’t surprising. Stan the Donut Man been open and operating in Dayton for 45 years.


Ashley’s Pastry Shop

12.6-mile mark

Ashley’s Pastry Shop is located in Oakwood and has been open since 1982. They have plenty of donuts on the menu and other desserts like pastries, cookies, coffee cake, fresh baked breads and more to tempt your sweet tooth.


Duck Donuts

14.3-mile mark

Duck Donuts is one of the newest donut shops in Dayton, and also one of my favorites. Build your own donut with an array of topping choices, and then watch it get made fresh right in front of you.

Is there anything in this world more heavenly than a hot donut?


Bonus Stop: Twist Cupcakery

If you haven’t had enough sugar yet, you can also stop for an artisanal cupcake on the Dayton Donut Trail. Twist Cupcakery is located after Duck Donuts, .6 miles before you reach the 2nd Street Market.


2nd Street Market

16.1-mile mark

Whew, you made it. Finish the Ohio Donut Trail right back where you started at the 2nd Street Market in Downtown Dayton. 


Evans Bakery on Dayton's Ohio Donut Trail


Dayton Donut Trail FAQ

Why isn’t Bill’s Donuts included on the Dayton Donut Trail?

Despite being a classic Dayton staple, Bill’s Donuts is not on the list because the location is so far out of the way. It’s possible to extend your route to add it, but it will require an extra 13 miles of cycling.


Is the Dayton Donut Trail on roads or bike trails?

Most of it takes place on roads. However, they’re often in quiet neighborhoods and some have bike lanes as well.


Does this still count as exercise?



American Classic Donuts in Dayton, Ohio


Try Dayton’s own Ohio Donut Trail!

If you don’t want to go to Butler County, you can now ride a new Ohio Donut Trail right here in Dayton!

Hop on your bike and pound out 16 miles, and you’ll be rewarded with 7 donuts for your efforts.

Try some of the best donuts that Dayton has to offer, support local business, and see a little more of our wonderful city as you go!


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