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Kiev isn’t all Soviet apartment blocks and gray skylines like you may be imagining.

In fact, there are plenty of beautiful Instagram spots in the city that are just begging to be photographed and splashed across your profile for the world to see.

This guide to the 11 best Instagram spots around Kiev will lead you to the prettiest and most iconic tourist sites in the city!


monument in Independence Square


1. Independence Square

Independence Square is one of the most popular sites in Kiev. Climb up the stairs behind the monument to get an aerial shot and then have fun wandering around snapping photos of the buildings, glass domes, and street performers as well.


St. Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev


2. St. Sophia’s Cathedral – Bell Tower

St. Sophia’s Cathedral is 1,000 years old and an iconic piece of Kiev’s history. The church is hard to capture from the ground so pay 60 uah / 2.25 usd to climb the bell tower for the perfect overhead shot of the green and gold spires.


St. Andrew's descent in Kiev


3. St. Andrew’s Descent

St. Andrew’s Church splashin’ out in super bright colors is enough to draw every photographer to this Instagram spot in Kiev but the whole walk down the hill offers plenty of photo ops as well, from the souvenier stalls, to the historic buildings, to the cobblestone street and everything in between.


Ferris wheel in Podil, Kiev


4. Podil Ferris Wheel

It’s like you’re at Coachella, but not at all. I dig this colorful, old-school view of Kiev though, especially with St. Andrew’s Church peeking out behind the Ferris wheel from its perch on the hill.


St. Michael's Golden-Domes Monastery


5. St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery – Bell Tower

Another church, another bell tower, another gorgeous shot of Kiev for your Instagram. This bell tower costs 60 uah / 2.25 usd to climb up but the entrance to the church is free.


Motherland Monument and Eternal Flame in Kiev


6. Motherland Monument

Did you know the Motherland Monument is taller than the Statue of Liberty? I recommend wandering around the massive park for a while to try out different shots, and definitely don’t miss the very-Soviet Bowl of Eternal Flames statue while you’re there.


Pechersk Lavra Monastery


7. Pechersk Lavra

No photos are allowed in the famous caves so you won’t be able to capture the mummies, but this sprawling monastery system has tons of other beautiful places to snap a pic in any season, especially when the flowers are blooming in the spring!


Statues in Landscape Alley, Kiev


8. Landscape Alley

Landscape Alley is definitely one of the most unique Instagram spots around Kiev. This is a must if you want to get cute pics of your kids, but it’s fun for whimsical shots of adults as well.


Make Money Not Art sign in Kiev


9. Vozdvyzhenka Neighborhood

The Vozdvyzhenka neighborhood is a ghost town because the upscale apartments were too expensive and never sold. They’re still kept up in super bright colors though, so they make a great backdrop for Instagram photos.

This ‘Make Money Not Art’ sign is probably my fav place in the neighborhood for that kinda-ironic-but-not-really Instagram shot that perfectly represents the spirit of Kiev. 


10. The Busy Streets of Kiev

I just like this timelapse and wanted a place to put it on my blog. But for those into urban/city photography, the busy streets and fashionable people of Kiev will make great subjects for your Instagram account.


View of St. Andrews from the Observation platform


11. St. Andrew’s Observation Platform

The St. Andrew’s observation platform (you’ll see the metal stairs on your left side as you walk down St. Andrew’s Descent) is a little oasis of green in a busy city.

Even better, it has 360-degree views of the Vozdvyzhenka neighborhood, St. Andrew’s Church, and more just begging to be photographed and thrown up on the ‘gram.


Where to stay in Kiev to Capture These Shots

If you have only a short time in Kiev, the two best places to stay are the Podil neighborhood or the Pechersk neighborhood.

I lived in the Pechersk neighborhood for six weeks and recommend the artsy and hip Theater Boutique Apart Hotel (where my friends stayed when they visited) or the Aloft Hotel Kiev, a major international chain where you’re basically going to get the same room and service anywhere in the world.

These two hotels (or anywhere near them) will have a good location in walking distance to almost everywhere on this list of top Instagram spots in Kiev.

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