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The Muertos to Lindo Mar Resort beach walk is one of the best ways to spend a half-day in Puerto Vallarta. 

Skip the crowds and pushy vendors on Muertos and follow this route to little pockets of secluded paradise just down the coast. 

This beach walk begins at the very end of Muertos beach and continues 1.5 km / 1 mile to the Lindo Mar Resort, winding through Amapas Beach and Conchas Chinas along the way. Because it’s flat and mostly on paved paths or sand, this walk is easy and recommended for the whole family. 

So, throw on your swimsuit, grab a towel, and use this guide to complete the Muertos to Lindo Mar beach walk in Puerto Vallarta!


Puerto Vallarta beach walk to Lindo Mar Resort


The Stats

Time: about 45 minutes from Muertos Beach to Lindo Mar Resort
Distance: About 1.5 km / 1 mile each way
Difficulty level: Easy
Beaches: Muertos, Amapas, Conchas Chinas, and Lindo Mar

The step-by-step guide (and the map at the bottom) will walk you through the route. There are tons of guided hikes and tours in Puerto Vallarta, but this is one you can do completely on your own.


stairs through the rock wall at the end of Muertos Beach

Start the beach walk at the stairs through the rock wall at the end of Muertos beach


Where to Start the Muertos to Lindo Mar Resort Walk

As the title infers, the Puerto Vallarta beach walk begins on Muertos Beach. 

Muertos Beach is the most popular beach in the city because it’s located smack in the center of it. It stretches from the 5th de Diciembre neighborhood to the end of the Zona Romantica, with the Malecon boardwalk paralleling it almost the entire way.

Muertos beach is great – in fact, it came in at #2 on my ranking of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta – but it’s crowded. When Dan and I rented chairs on Muertos one Friday, we counted the vendors who approached us and calculated that they tried to sell us something every two minutes. 

Muertos is lively and fun, but no one would ever call it relaxing. The very end of the beach by the rock wall became my favorite place to spend the day (because it’s the quietest) and my curiosity eventually led me up the stairs and on this walking route.

To start your own adventure, walk alllll the way to the staircase in the rocks at the end of Muertos beach. Once you go up and over this barrier, you’ll find yourself in a whole new world.


Playa Amapas in Puerto Vallarta

Playa Amapas on a Sunday in high season


Beach #1: Playa Amapas

Playa Amapas is the beach directly on the other side of the staircase. 

Just going up and over the wall is more than most people do, and Amapas is always quiet and uncrowded. This is your first stop on the Puerto Vallarta beach walk. 

Jump in the water for a few minutes, then continue on your way on the pathway that winds along the wall behind it. 


Conchas Chinas north end

The north end of Conchas Chinas is extremely quiet, but gets busier as you walk south


Beach #2: Conchas Chinas North Beach

The pathway turns into a cobblestone road and continues along the water. 

You’ll pass a few homes and modern apartment buildings on your left and the northern tip of Conchas Chinas beach will begin on your right. 

Walk along it until you come to a split in the road. From here, you can either go up into the Conchas Chinas neighborhood (beautiful, but the beach walk doesn’t continue through here) or down a small staircase into the sand. 

Walk into the sand and you’ll find yourself on the main stretch of Conchas Chinas beach.


Conchas Chinas south end - the main stretch of the beach

The south end of Conchas Chinas is a little more crowded than the north, but still pretty dang quiet


Beach #3: Conchas Chinas South Beach

Conchas Chinas is mostly frequented by the people staying in the homes and resorts that line it, so it’s practically deserted in the north end and quiet in the south, even in the high season. 

People dot the sand and you’ll even find a vendor here and there, but this is a great place to lay down your towel and soak up the sun in peace. 

However, Dan and I had a different idea and we kept walking for ten minutes until we climbed another staircase to a quiet road. This leads to the next stop on your Puerto Vallarta beach walk: the Lindo Mar Resort. 


last stretch of road leading to the Lindo Mar beach

The last stretch of the Puerto Vallarta beach walk leading to the Lindo Mar Resort


Beach #4: Lindo Mar Resort

The road leading to the resort is lined with palm trees and pretty homes. Continue down it until it comes to a dead end at the Lindo Mar Resort. 

The hotel bar and restaurant will be on your right side, and you’re more than welcome to stop in for a few drinks or simply pass through it to the beach below.

The Lindo Mar beach is populated by the hotel guests, but we took a dip there and no one seemed to mind. (Awesomely, all of the beaches in Mexico are public.)

The beach is also unique because it’s made up of small colorful pebbles instead of sand. The water is very rocky and there are only a few small coves to swim in, but for me, that just added to the charm. 

From here the path continues a few more feet until it comes to a dead end at a small concrete viewpoint. This is the end of the beach walk… unless you’re brave enough to continue through the rocks!


rock wall leading to Playa Estacas

Playa Estacas from the rock wall – ultimately, we weren’t able to make it to the final beach on our walking route.


Beach #5: Playa las Estacas

We followed the path past the Lindo Mar resort and came to a dead end with a small lookout point to the rocky cliff beyond. Dan and I wanted to continue to Playa las Estacas, so we decided to walk across the rock field.

It was hot. It was sunny. And it was probably dangerous. We scrambled across them for a good 15 minutes until we had Playa las Estacas in our grasp…

But we couldn’t make it. There is a small gap between the rocks and the beach that was impossible to maneuver through the water (although, it may be accessible at low tide or if you don’t have anything that needs to stay dry). 

So, I took a few pictures of our failed destination, picked up some of the trash that was scattered on the rocks, and returned to Lindo Mar Resort with my head held high – hey, at least we tried!



How to Walk from Muertos Beach to Lindo Mar Resort

I didn’t stay in the Lindo Mar Resort (I was actually across town in an Airbnb in the 5th de Diciembre neighborhood) but this walk down the coast from Muertos was still a highlight of my time in Puerto Vallarta.

Even though we didn’t ultimately make it to our goal at Playa las Estacas, we still got to visit Conchas Chinas, Playa Amapas, and Playa Lindo Mar on the walk. 

All of them are picture perfect in their own way and offer a super peaceful escape from the crowds of tourists in Puerto Vallarta. Plus, you’ll get a little exercise and what’s not to like about that??

Adding the Muertos to Lindo Mar beach walk to your itinerary will have you feeling like an in-the-know local during your stay and ensure you discover some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Puerto Vallarta – bookmark this page and don’t miss it!

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