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This easy chili recipe will make you fart but it’s so good I eat it anyway.

You should consider making this easy chili recipe if you’re looking for something cheap, filling, and delicious. Even better? It will literally take you 15 minutes max to make a huge pot. 

Buy thse ingredients, follow these steps, and then come back to thank me later when you add this easy chili recipe to your weekly meal plan!


Chili Ingredients

2 cans of beans – literally any beans will do, I usually use black beans, white beans, or kidney beans and like to buy two different types when possible. If they’re cooked in a nice juicy sauce you can go ahead and leave that for extra flavor, otherwise drain and rinse them. 

1 can of corn – drain and rinse

1 jar of salsa – whatever your preferred salsa is will do

Half a rotisserie chicken (optional) – if you want more protein, buy half a rotisserie chicken, remove the meat from the bones, and cut it into small pieces. 

Half a block of cream cheese (optional) – this makes the chili taste even better, but it’s also unhealthy. I add the cream cheese like every fifth time that I make it. 

Salt – to taste

Garlic powder – to taste 

Cumin – to taste 

Hot sauce or red pepper flakes – optional and to taste

Half a packet of taco seasoning – if you can find this, it’s great to add. I can only sometimes find it in supermarkets abroad, but even when I can’t the chili is still good without it. 


Follow These Steps

  1. Dump everything into the pot and season it.
  2. Bring to a boil (if it seems too thick, add some water)
  3. Let boil for a while to achieve desired thickness (there’s not really any set time here, I usually let it boil for around 15 minutes)
  4. Enjoy! I eat it plain to keep it healthy but topping it with shredded cheese, sour cream, or tortilla chips is always delicious as well. 


Use This Guide to Make the Easiest Chili Recipe in the World

That’s literally it. And the cool thing about this chili recipe is that it’s so versatile just like my easy sushi recipe.

I can eat it plain in a bowl or eat it over a backed potato, pasta, or a hot dog. I can also change it up by adding chicken or tofu or cream cheese when I want a slightly different flavor or texture. 

Once you got the basic recipe memorized, it’s so fun to play with and make this easy chili recipe your own. Enjoy! 

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