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The short answer is because it’s amazing. The long answer is below..

Colorado’s Garden of the Gods is a free city park outside of the city of Colorado Springs.

If you’re based in Denver on your stay in Colorado, the Garden of the Gods is only a short drive away. Like Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park, the destination makes for an easy day trip.

The park is called the Garden of the Gods because the surveyor who discovered it thought it would make a great place for a beer garden. His partner disagreed, and stated that if it was a beer garden, it would be a garden fit for the Gods… and that’s how its name came about.

The park was actually kept as private property for years, until 1909 when the owner died and donated his land to the city of Colorado Springs. Now, it’s one of Colorado’s most beautiful features and an awesome day trip from Denver.


Colorado's Garden of the Gods


8 Reasons to Visit Colorado’s Garden of the Gods

1. It’s free.

2. It’s a one of a kind experience in the state.

3. Inside the park, you can also visit the “Balancing Rock” and “Siamese Twins” formations.

4. It’s a beautiful place to hike and climb.

5. It’s less than an hour and a half drive from Denver.

6. It’s open late, so it’s a perfect place to watch the sunset or enjoy a nighttime picnic.

7. It’s close to Colorado Springs, so you can visit the city for dinner and drinks after you trip.

8. Pikes Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountain range and only an hour drive from Garden of the Gods, making it the perfect second spot to combine with your day trip.


Colorado's Garden of the Gods


Daniel and I had an amazing day trip to Colorado’s Garden of the Gods during our November honeymoon.

If you’re in the Denver area at any time of the year, don’t miss a trip to this beautiful and unique city park! 

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