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The beach bars on Caye Caulker are second to none.

This little 5-mile island has relaxation down to a science, and their winning algorithm includes the sun, sand, lounge chairs, and lots and lots of beers. 

If you’re drinking on an island, you better be in the water – otherwise, what’s the point?

Luckily, these three beach bars on Caye Caulker more than deliver, with:

  • Water swings
  • Water hammocks
  • Water tables
  • Jumping platforms
  • Sandy beaches
  • Wildlife viewing
  • And much more! 

So, what are you in the mood for? This breakdown of the three best beach bars in Caye Caulker will help you choose the perfect spot for your day today!


water tables at the Lazy Lizard

Underwater tables at the Lazy Lizard with a perfect view of The Split and the northside of the island.


1. The Lazy Lizard

Without a doubt, this is the most iconic beach bar on Caye Caulker.

They call themselves ‘an establishment’ and that’s certainly true – any mention of this Belizean island usually includes the Lazy Lizard beach bar in the same breath.


jumping platform at the Lazy Lizard

Are you brave enough for the jumping platform at the Lazy Lizard?


The Lazy Lizard is located at the end of the island in what’s known as ‘The Split.’ 

The Split was a man-made channel through Caye Caulker that was then widened by Hurricane Hattie in 1961. You can see the other half of Caye Caulker – which is mostly a nature preserve but is slowly but surely being built up with resorts – and even swim across it for a visit. 


Lazy Lizard beach bar on Caye Caulker

The Lazy Lizard, taken from the jumping platform which doubles at a perfect photo spot


Why choose the Lazy Lizard for your hang-out spot for the day? Highlights of this Caye Caulker beach bar include:

  • Can hang at The Split without buying drinks (budget-friendly)
  • Awesome jumping platform (perfect for a great boomerang on Instagram)
  • Water tables with shade (for days two, three, and four of vacation when you’re already super sunburned) 
  • Liveliest (this is the most crowded beach bar on Caye Caulker)

How much do drinks cost at the Lazy Lizard?

Beers like Beliken are 7 bzd / 3.50 usd each or you can buy a bucket of six for 35 bzd / 17.50. Mixed drinks start at 10 bzd / 5 usd and up – click here to see the full Lazy Lizard menu.


Koko King beach bar on Caye Caulker

Image courtesy of Koko King


2. Koko King 

Remember how I said the other half of Caye Caulker Island is slowly being built up with resorts? Koko King was one of the first to build on that side. 

So, this Caye Caulker beach bar is the most exclusive and remote because you either need to swim across The Split to reach it or take their kinda-free boat shuttle. 

The water taxis leave every 20 to 30 minutes from 6:45 am to midnight from the dock on the mangrove / sunset side of Calle del Sol. If you buy food or drinks at the bar on Koko King, you get a wristband that’ll give you a free ride back to the island – if you don’t spend any money, you’ll have to pay for the trip.


cabanas at Koko King

Image courtesy of Koko King


Koko King has a pool (for resort guests only, you can pay extra for a pool pass) and cabanas / beach lounge chairs that you also need to pay for. 

But for the extra price, you also get to relax at a place much quieter and more remote than the Lazy Lizard, explore another side of Caye Caulker that most tourists don’t see, and chill on a real sand beach rather than sit on the docks that most other Caye Caulker beach bars boast.

It’s on the west side of the island as well, so it’s a great place to watch the sunset before heading back to your hotel for the night.


concert at Koko King beach bar

Image courtesy of Koko King


Besides all of this, though, the main draw to Koko King is the nightlife. They host concerts and beach parties like the Full Moon parties that Thailand is famous for. 

Nightlife is few and far between on Caye Caulker (here, day drinking reigns supreme) so if you’re looking to drink and dance on the beach late into the night, check the Koko King Facebook page for upcoming events or send them a message there to see what’s coming up next! 

How much do drinks cost at Koko King?

Local beers start at 7 bzd / 3.50 usd each and cocktails you can get cocktails from 20 bzd / 20 usd and up. Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 3 to 7 pm. Click here to see a few photos of the Koko King menu.


Iguana Reef Inn beach bar

Iguana Reef Inn beach bar


3. Iguana Reef Inn

Now, let’s get to my personal favorite beach bar on Caye Caulker: the Iguana Reef Inn.

I love it because it has water swings and water hammocks (swoon), tubes, and lots of chairs and couches to lounge on both in the shade or under the sun. 

The bar is pretty laid back and beers and drinks are slightly cheaper than the Lazy Lizard. They have a Happy Hour around sunset with rum drinks for only 5 bzd / 2.50 usd each. 


Pelican at Iguana Reef Inn

Friendly pelicans at Iguana Reef Inn


Another perk of the Iguana Reef Inn is all the sea life that surrounds you here. Because it’s less crowded and built up than the Lazy Lizard, marine life still coexists peacefully with the revelers here. 

They have a small seahorse habitat you can see the tiny creatures in if you have a sharp eye, and lots of pelicans live in the area too. We even saw some harmless stingrays swimming around us while we relaxed in the water. 


sunset on Caye Caulker at Iguana Reef Inn

Sunset, water swings, and hammocks over the sea – if Iguana Reef Inn isn’t heaven, it’s pretty dang close


Like Koko King, Iguana Reef Inn is on the west side of Caye Caulker so it’s ideal for watching the sunset before heading off for dinner on the rest of the island. 

How much do drinks cost at Iguana Reef Inn?

We paid 6 bzd / 3 usd for beers like Beliken and Landshark. Cocktails start at 10 bzd / 5 usd but you can get them 2 for 1 during happy hour. Click here to see a photo of the cocktail menu at Iguana Reef Inn.




Which Beach Bars on Caye Caulker Are Right for You?

These are the three best Caye Caulker beach bars, but each one has something different to offer vacationers on this pretty island.

Choose the Lazy Lizard if you want to experience an iconic part of life on Caye Caulker and be surrounded by a pretty lively crowd. 

Choose Koko King if you want a super relaxing day in a more quiet and remote place during the day, or, conversely, you want to party all night at the concerts and full moon parties they throw in the evenings.

Finally, choose the Iguana Reef Inn if you want to relax and get away from it all with picture-perfect water swings, water hammocks, and sunset views. 

One thing is for sure, whichever Caye Caulker beach bar you choose, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time in this little slice of Belizean paradise! 


Ready to go?

Explore accommodation like unique stays on Airbnb – like our colorful tiny home on the island – or the top hotels on to plan your trip to Caye Caulker.

Then, check out more food, cultural, and outdoors experiences on the island to round out your itinerary (or, book a multi-day Belize tour to finish your travel planning in one click!). 


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