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Mexico City is massive and just booking a hostel or hotel can be intimidating.

You can spend hours browsing endless listings until everything starts to look the same. Booking homes should be fun, though, so I’m here to put the joy back into travel planning with five unique places to stay in Mexico City.

Not sure where to stay in Mexico City? These extraordinary homes, hotels, and spas are here to take your vacation to the next level.


1. Ryo Kan Mx

What: Japanese inspired hotel, spa, and wellness center
Where: Cauhtemoc neighborhood

This Japanese inspired spa and wellness center is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is in neutral tones and the soft lines and modern feel will be a welcome retreat from the chaos of Mexico City. 

Whether you decide to soak in the rooftop tubs, get a massage, or just enjoy a glass of tea on the terrace, the Japanese influence and relaxing atmosphere at Ryo Kan Mx makes it one of the most unique places to stay in Mexico City.

Book your stay at Ryo Kan Mx!


Ryo Can hotel, spa, and wellness center in Mexico City

Image courtesy of Ryo Kan Mx


2. Izzsleep Airport Capsules

What: Futuristic capsule rooms
Where: Benito Juarez International Airport

Dan and I had an overnight layover at the Mexico City airport and it was literally hell on earth. You’re not allowed to lay down anywhere – every time we found a quiet corner to fall asleep in we were kicked out by airport guards.

We belatedly tried to get a room at the airport hotels but they were all booked full or super expensive. I wish we had known about these airport capsules! Izzsleep has them in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and they provide everything you need. A small bed, a TV, charging ports, a locker, wifi, and a bathroom with a shower.

This is definitely one of the best places to stay in Mexico City on a short layover. You can pretend you’re on the International Space Station while also getting a good night’s rest before your next flight. What more could you want?!

Book your stay at the Izzsleep airport capsules!


3. Quetzalcoatl`s Nest

What: Home inside a snake sculpture
Where: Naucalpan de Juárez (technically outside of CDMX but too good not to share)
Architect’s Website

Mexico is well-known for its colorful culture and vivid folklore, and nothing brings that to life more than Quetzalcoatl`s Nest. 

The giant snake sculpture is painted in every color of the rainbow and has a scales made from windows running down its spine. Inside it’s clean and modern while a wild garden thrives outdoors.

Although the home is technically located outside of Mexico City it’s easily accessible with a car and only about 20 to 30 minutes from the Polanco and Roma neighborhoods. Because of that, it still earns a spot on this list of unique places to stay in Mexico City 🙂

Book your stay in Quetzalcoatl`s Nest – and if you use this link to sign up for Airbnb you can even get $40 off your first stay!


Quetzalcoatl`s Nest snake house in Mexico City

Image and header photo courtesy of Quetzalcoatl`s Nest


4. Casa Rombos

What: Ultra-modern holiday home
Where: Bosque de Las Lomas neighborhood

Hot tub, fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, terrace, and SEVEN bathrooms all pale in comparison to the architecture of this holiday home.

The straight lines, high ceilings, colorful lights, and empty spaces make it look more like a modern art museum or a Drake music video rather than a house. Honestly, Casa Rombos is not only one of the most unique places to stay in Mexico City but probably the entire country.

Book your stay at Casa Rombos!


5. Papilio Mansion

What: Historic French mansion
Where: Coyoacán neighborhood

There is so much to love about the Papilio Mansion. It has a wine cellar, sprawling gardens, and such a beautiful interior that they regularly host events like weddings and even film shoots. 

Beyond just the gorgeous interiors and picturesque grounds, it also has a perfect location.

Coyoacán neighborhood is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Mexico City because it’s trendy, artsy, and just a joy to explore. When you’re finished wandering its quaint streets, Papilio Mansion is the perfect place to come back to every night.

Book your stay at Papilio Mansion – and if you use this link to sign up for Airbnb you can even get $40 off your first stay!


Papilio Mansion in Mexico City

Image courtesy of Papilio Mansion


Deciding where to stay in Mexico City is fun where there are so many unique options to choose from – I had fun day-dreaming about each one in this article.

Choose your favorite from my list of the best places to stay in Mexico City and enjoy your visit to this vibrant destination!

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