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Am I the only one obsessed with the treehouses on Airbnb? I could literally spend all day browsing them and daydreaming about my next trip… so that’s exactly what I did!

This list of 10 dreamy treehouses on Airbnb will take you around the world – from Norway to South Africa to Peru and back again – and showcases some of the insanely beautiful (and honestly, surprisingly affordable) treehouses that you should definitely book on your next trip! 

Let’s go!


Owl's Perch treehouse in BC, Canada

Image courtesy of Owl’s Perch Treehouse


1. The Owl’s Perch Treehouse

Sooke, BC, Canada

The Owl’s Perch Treehouse rises 30 feet off the ground to let visitors truly sleep among the treetops. Here, the deck offers water and mountain views while the pine forest keep the interior cozy in every season.

Though it feels secluded, the Owl’s Perch Treehouse is located only a couple of minutes from the center of Sooke, BC, so the amenities of every day life are still at your fingertips – if you can convince yourself to leave, that is!


Cabanes perchees treehouse in Quebec, Canada

Image by Canopée Lit


2. Cabanes Perchées

Quebec, Canada

Cabanes Perchees is a group of perched huts in a 24-hectare boreal forest in Sacré-Coeur, Quebec, Canada. The most unique aspect of these treehouses are the glass domes over each bed, perfect for enjoying the sunrise, sunset, and even stargazing from the comfort of your own cozy cabin. Plus, breakfast is included in the price and delivered to your room so you can truly unplug, unwind, and escape from the demands of the real world while you’re here.


Treehouse in South Africa

Image courtesy of ‘the #1 Ranked Treehouse in SA’


3. This treehouse with amazing views

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

This treehouse in South Africa may be nestled away from the rest of the world in the rolling green mountains of Port Elizabeth, but it has plenty of amenities to keep you occupied while you’re there.

Located on a farm, guests at the this treehouse Airbnb have access to a shared pool, BBQ, wifi, Netflix, a full kitchen, and lots of space to sit back, relax, and do absolutely nothing. What more could you ask for in a treehouse getaway?!


Birdbox treehouse in Norway

Image courtesy of the Birdbox Treehouse


4. The Birdbox Treehouse 

Forde, Norway

The Birdbox is everything you’d expect from a treehouse in Norway. Ultra-modern, ultra-sleek, and ultra-amazing, this treehouse on Airbnb is truly unlike any other.

Spend your day exploring the hiking trails that wind through the mountain landscape, then cool down with a dip in the famous Nordic fjords. The minimalist aspect of the Birdbox immerses you in nature and brings you back to your roots, making it easy to leave your phone, work, and worries behind you.


Treehouse Tree Glamping La Coué in Switzerland

Image courtesy of Treehouse Tree Glamping La Coué


5. Tree Glamping La Coué

Val-de-Travers, Switzerland

Glamping in a tree in Switzerland is not only possible but actually super comfortable in this yurt / treehouse / glamping crossover in the small town of Val-de-Travers.

This unique hanging treehouse is located a family-owned farm in the idyllic Swiss countryside, so expect close encounters with pigs, cows, goats, and more while you’re there. With a wood stove and breakfast delivered to the foot of the tent, Tree Glamping La Coué belongs on every Switzerland bucket list!


The Bostonian treehouse in Tennessee

Image courtesy of The Bostonian


6. The Bostonian

Tennessee, United States

Despite it’s name, the Bostonian Treehouse is not, in fact, in Boston. This colorful treehouse on Airbnb is located on 34-acres in Johnson City, Tennessee. 

Snuggled among the trees beside an abandoned rock quarry, The Bostonian treehouse has plenty of unique touches that make it stand out from the rest, like the branches rising through the rustic balcony floor, the ladder to the secluded loft, and a ceiling made out of reclaimed wooden doors. Whatever your previous idea of a treehouse may be, The Bostonian is sure to surpass it! 


Skylodge Adventure Suites in Cusco, Peru

Image courtesy of Skylodge Adventure Suites


7. Skylodge Adventure Suites

Cusco, Peru

I’ve been obsessed with the Skylodge Adventure Suites for years, ever since I lived in Cusco when I first started rambling around the world as a digital nomad. They’ve always been out of my budget but I stay optimistic keep them on my bucket list anyway 🙂

The Skylodge Adventure Suites are one of the most unique treehouses on Airbnb because the glass cocoons are modeled off of the native Condor nests and built into the side of a cliff, requiring guests to hike or take a series of ziplines to reach them.

A stay in these luxury pods is all-inclusive with transportation, breakfast, and a gourmet wine dinner, so the sky-high experience is well worth the price! 


River Eye Treehouse in Norway

Image by Petter Dale


8. River Eye Treehouse

Tinn, Norway

The River Eye Treehouse is another Airbnb treehouse with a modern twist in Norway. It’s one of the largest treehouses in this roundup, making it perfect for a family vacation or group escape.

The River Eye treehouse rises almost 20 feet above the rushing river below and has expansive glass walls to take in the forest views. Book a night, bath in the riverside tub, and fall asleep to the sounds of nature in this candle-lit treehouse that’ll truly whisk you away from it all. 


The Sacred Geome Treehouse in Costa Rica

Image courtesy of the Sacred Geome Treehouse


9. Sacred Geome Treehouse 

Montezuma, Costa Rica

The Sacred Geome Treehouse is made up of four suspended pods – containing a bedroom, balcony, half bath, and kitchen – with the highest hanging 30 feet above the forest floor.

The design is based on sacred geometry and the house is located on an active organic farm run by a community of workers and volunteers. With electricity, running water, flushing toilets, and even a restaurant on site, the Sacred Geome Treehouse aims to find that perfect balance between providing comfortable amenities while still allowing guests to reconnect with nature. 


Casa da Arvore treehouse in Brazil

Image courtesy of Casa da Arvore


10. Casa da Arvore

Alter do Chão, Brazil

It’s hard to tell where the Casa da Arvore ends and the Amazon jungle begins, especially with so many friendly monkeys and birds stopping by for a visit!

Tucked into an environmental nature preserve, this treehouse on Airbnb was a passion project by We’e’ena Tikuna, an indigenous artist, and Anton Carballo, a violinist in the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Their dream home invites you to live in harmony with the jungle and enjoy the airy loft, floating hammocks, indigenous art, and native wildlife at your fingertips!


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