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As a travel blogger, I’ve been designated the activities director for my family’s group quarantine and honestly, it’s been unexpectedly fun!

We’re a group of eight and range in age from 2 to 62, so there’s a lot of different personalities and people to please. This list is mostly family friendly (though not entirely) but skews more toward group activities for adults than for kids, because we only have one in the house and it’s easy to pop him into bed before our evening event! 

There’s 27 quarantivities here so browse through and pick and choose what looks like fun to you. If you have a calendar (or even better, a whiteboard calendar) you can write one activity for each day and keep everyone in the loop easily through there.

After doing this for a few days already, I recommend getting into the routine of doing your group activity every day at the same time, whatever time works for you. Because a lot of us are still working from home, scheduling our quarantivity after dinner has been working great so far, but it’ll be different for every household. 

Ready to break whatever weird routine you’ve fallen into the past few weeks? Keep reading to spice up this super strange time with 27 fun, creative, and lighthearted quarativities the whole family will enjoy!


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27 group activities to make quarantine more fun

1. Make friendship bracelets. We used this Youtube tutorial to make ours and they turned out great.

2. Go on a hike. Chances are there are tons of small parks and reserves around your house that you’ve never had the time to explore. Check them out now, but make sure to step off the trail when people pass by or skip the them all together if there are too many cars in the parking lot!

3. Go on a bike ride. Be honest, when was the last time you pumped up your bike tiers and dug it out of that junk wall in the garage? Give it new life this spring with bike rides in your neighborhood or nearby bike trails. A quick Google search will pull up great new routes to explore right from your driveway!

4. Go viral on TikTok. Collaboration always unlocks creativity, so get the whole fam involved and you’ll come up with something much funnier than if you were working on your own. My siblings’ most recent tiktok video got over 600,000 views!  

5. Create a scavenger hunt. It’ll require some creativity on your end, but that’s part of the fun. These tips on creating a scavenger hunt for grownups will help you get started and give you lots of ideas on how to build one through your house, yard, and even your whole neighborhood. Or, check out these online scavenger hunt ideas to create a virtual scavenger hunt for family and friends around the world!

6. Compete in a family bake-off. Let everyone get creative by keeping the guidelines loose, like ‘Bake your best cookies’ instead of baking a specific chocolate chip cookie recipe. Then taste test and judge the final products to choose a winner! Eat the rest, or pop ’em in your freezer to save them for later!

7. Host a high stakes poker night (with real money). All you need is a deck of cards and some cash monayy and you’ve got yourself a fun DIY casino night at home. Order chips on Amazon (or use whatever you have at home as a substitute), get dressed up, and add cigars and martinis to the mix to make it even more legit. There are tons of casino card games you can learn to play at home, so although poker is definitely the most popular, don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new!

8. Relax at home with a DIY spa day. This can be as high or low key as you make it. For example, you can order Korean face masks and gel manicure sets on Amazon or just use what you have at home to make your own face masks with kitchen staples and paint your nails without the rest of the mani pedi routine. Don’t forget to soak in the tub (if you have one) and make it even more of a special occasion by lighting candles, wearing your softest robe, and infusing any and all water in the home with cucumbers!

9. Battle it out in a pool, ping pong, or foosball tournament. Make a bracket, bet money on it, and try not to get too competitive and kill each other before you finish.

10. Have every member of the family teach a cooking class for their specialty dish. 

11. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a bonfire.

12. Host a poetry slam with performances from every member of the family. This beginner’s guide to writing slam poetry will help you get started.

13. Host a stand-up comedy open mic night with performances from every member of the family. Try not to heckle each other too much. Someone will probably cry before this is over, so proceed with caution.

14. Plan regular movie nights. Have each member of the family write their all-time favorite movie down on a slip of paper and then pick out of a hat to choose the next one. This prevents fights and endless hours of scrolling through Netflix while also helping you all get to know each other just a little bit more! 

15. Quiet reading time. It’s hard to read with seven other people loudly living their lives around you. Plan a quiet reading night to finally get into that book you’ve been meaning to crack for three weeks now. 

16. Take an online yoga class. You don’t need a mat or anything fancy to do yoga in your living room. Youtube has tons of free classes and, for the more advanced, you can buy multi-day yoga courses on Udemy as well. 

17. Go head to head at trivia night. Designate a question master and split into two teams for you own trivia night / pub quiz at home. Crack some beers and offer crappy prizes like five-dollar gift cards to make it even more authentic. 

18. Keep it classic with a family board game night. And try to keep the fighting to a minimum. Remember we’re all in this together when the quarantine group activities start to get just a little too competitive! 

19. Build gingerbread houses. Why cares if it’s not December, or even July for that matter. Order some candy and graham crackers on Amazon (or at your local grocer) and build epic gingerbread houses for your own Christmas in (insert month here) celebration!

20. Write letters or post cards to family and friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

21. Send care packages to your favorite health care workers. Include lots of snacks.

22. Host your own Paint and Pour night (aka drink wine and try to paint something from a Youtube tutorial).

23. Meditate. I use and love the Insight Timer app which has more than 30,000 free guided meditations on pretty much any topic you could want. Start with just three to five minutes every day and work your way up from there. Honestly, if you’re only going to pick up one of these quarantivities, I strongly suggest meditation! It can help so much with the anxiety and uncertainty we’re all going through right now. 

24. Deep clean the house (warning: this quarantivity is not popular with children)

25. Build a lego town (then destroy it and start again).

26. Learn origami. It’s easier with special origami paper but it’s not totally necessary. Buy an easy origami book or pull up free tutorial son Youtube to get started!

27. Take a nap. Because when all else fails, being unconscious is still best way to pass time in quarantine. 


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