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The Pozas Azules in Taxco, Mexico are truly a hidden gem.

Daniel and I went during our weekend trip to Taxco from Mexico City and they were beautiful. There’s not a ton of info online about how to get the Pozas Azules from Taxco or even why you should go, so I’m here to share it all.

These natural pools are about 40 minutes from Taxco but so worth the trip.

They’re formed by the rocks and waterfalls of the river, and each pool has something unique.

Some are shrouded in beautiful dappled light, others are deep turquoise blue, one has a jumping platform and waterfall running into it, and they’re all really refreshing and fun to take a dip in.

We were on the fence about whether or not we wanted to take the trip out to them, but in the end, going to the Pozas Azules was one of our favorite parts of our weekend in Taxco.

If you’re debating whether or not to check them out… do it! Here’s all the info you need to know to make it happen.

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swimming in the Pozas Azules, Taxcos natural pools

Swimming in the Pozas Azules in Taxco, Mexico


How to Get From Taxco to the Pozas Azules

The best (and only) way to visit the Pozas Azules from Taxco is with a shared van called a collectivo.

The one you want will have signs on it that say “Atzala” and “Pozas Azules” on the front. They park right in front of a big bank called Coppel Plateros, so if you just plug that into your GPS you’ll be good to go.

The cost for a one-way trip is 25 pesos / 1.30 usd per person.

There’s no set schedule because the collectivos simply leave when they’re full. Just head out whenever works for you because it’s pretty hit or miss on how long you’ll be waiting for the next one to depart.


What to Do at the Pozas Azules

The entrance fee is 30 pesos / 1.50 usd per person and you can stay as long as you want. How should you fill the time?

  • Swim
  • Take pictures
  • Get some Mexican cuisine at the local stands or a buy a few snacks and beers
  • Pack your own lunch to enjoy at the picnic tables
  • Jump from the boulders into the pools
  • Relax under a waterfall
  • Read a book in the sun

Honestly, this is just a quick list and the options to fill your day here are pretty endless.

There’s also a zipline here that costs 200 pesos / 10 usd for two lines and two suspension bridges. That seems pretty cheap, but then again is ziplining really where you want to bargain hunt..?

Daniel and I decided to give it a miss this time.

By the way, if you’re just now reading this in Taxco and bummed because your forgot a swimsuit, there are plenty of stalls at the natural pools selling cheap suits, sports shorts and other things you may be wishing you had right about now.


swimming in Taxco's natural pools

Enjoying some peace and quiet at the lower pools in the Pozas Azules


How to Get From the Pozas Azules to Taxco

Getting back to Taxco is as easy as walking to the entrance of the pools and getting in a collectivo right where you got dropped off.

It will take you back to the Coppel Plateros and from there you can walk 10 minutes to the bus station to head back to Mexico City or 20 minutes to the Taxco main square to grab a bite to eat back in town (see my restaurant recommendations here).


Total Cost for a Day Trip to the Pozas Azules in Taxco

This is such an affordable half-day outing.

The total cost for our day trip to the Pozas Azules from Taxco (for two) was only 180 pesos / 9.50 usd. That includes both our round trip transport and the entrance fee.

If you need a snack or don’t pack a lunch, there are plenty of cheap options that will only run you 50 to 100 pesos / 3 to 5 usd more. Plus, you’ll get to pat some stray puppers for free!


stray puppy in Taxco, Mexico

Stray pup at the Pozas Azules 


It’s so easy to get from Taxco to the Pozas Azules and there’s no reason to miss these beautiful natural pools.

We had 24 hours in Taxco and I still felt like we had enough time to see it all plus visit the Pozas Azules without missing anything.

I hope this short little guide helps make your trip a bit smoother and I hope you enjoy your time at the beautiful Pozas Azules in Taxco!


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