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Ok, I’m super excited to share this app that I somehow just learned about, despite it being around for years!

One of my readers, Scott, emailed me about it in response to my latest newsletter: “6 Ways to Make Money While Traveling.” He mentioned that I should try the Grabr App, and told me he was about to get paid $450 to go to Lima!


I did some investigating, and I’m now here to tell you all about it!


What is the Grabr App?

Basically, the Grabr App is an international person-to-person delivery system.

People who want products that aren’t available in their own country can “order” them in the app or online. Then, you buy them in your home country and deliver them when you travel.

Each delivery has a “Traveler Fee” which is what you make money off of.

This fee is totally negotiable and, just like a tip, it’s based on the total order amount. Higher priced items mean a higher traveler fee. I’ve seen delivery fees up to $80 or more just from scrolling through the requests today!


Why Use the Grabr App?

The Grabr App does a few things that I think make it worth using.

First of all, it connects you to all of the people who want goods from your home country.

Second, it forces the buyer to secure their money in the app before you pay for the product, so it gives peace of mind knowing a third party is mediating the transaction. There’s no sketchy situations here, and no way for the people to back out of payment once you deliver the item.

And third, as of today, if you deliver 10 orders you’ll get a $100 bonus from the website! Nice!

I mean, if you’re going to the country anyway, you might as well throw a few extra things in your bag and make some money, right?


The Downsides of the Grabr App

There are two downfalls to the Grabr App that I noticed when I was reading about it.

The first problem is that it definitely requires some upfront investment.

You have to buy the product yourself in your own country, then you don’t get reimbursed by the Grabr App or receive the traveler fee until you complete the delivery. So, that’s a bit of a risk and also not always possible for travelers on a super tight budget.

The other issue I see with it is that you have to waste valuable vacation time meeting up with people to deliver the goods. Also, what if they murder me?

Scott told me that because the people prepay for the goods they have more incentive to meet up and not be flaky, and that he hasn’t had issues with this part of the Grabr delivery during his experiences.

You can help mitigate this by only taking a few orders with high delivery fees (instead of a bunch of small orders to a bunch of people) and by always meeting in public spaces.

No matter what, though, it sounds a bit inconvenient, and meeting strangers is not always the best way to start a vacation.


Would You Try the Grabr App to Make Extra Travel Money?

I feel the need to say that I am not affiliated with this company in any way and I have actually never even tried it!

I just learned about it last week and thought some of you guys may be interested in testing it out.

The Grabr App is really popular in South America, but also growing in other cities around the world. Unfortunately, I just checked and there is only one order for our upcoming trip to Sibiu, Romania.

Too bad I didn’t know about this on my earlier travels in Colombia and Peru because I would 100% try it! Also,  I know I would have loved to get some stuff delivered from the United States during our two years teaching in the UAE.

If you do decide to try the Grabr App, please comment below or shoot me a message because I definitely want to hear about your experience with international delivery!

PS Check out my Working Abroad series for more ways to make money while you travel, or click here to find out where I love to find the cheapest flights and the best vacation deals!


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