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So, the title is self-explanatory here, our fall wedding at Bergamo and the Lost Creek Memory Barn is one of my favorite memories of all time.

There’s pretty much only one time in your life that everyone you know and love is in the same place. Combine that with craft beer, amazing food, and the perfect sunny day with fall leaves, and you’ve got a recipe for the best barn party on this side of the Mississippi.

Of course, the actual ceremony was amazing (I cried) and I got to marry my best friend! What more could I ask for in a day?

Getting married young just means you get to do everything you originally planned, but with someone you love by your side, and I’m so happy I found my perfect partner.

Check out some of my favorite pictures from our fall wedding at Bergamo and the Lost Creek Memory barn below 🙂

Additionally, if you’re planning your own wedding in Dayton, there are many of the vendors I used:

Church: Bergamo Chapel in Beavercreek

Venue: Lost Creek Memory Barn in Troy

Hair: Sweetly Pinned Hair & Makeup

Flowers: Sherwood Florist

Caterer: Creatif Catering

Photos: Mac Photography

We also created our registry completely on Amazon and it was a hit. I definitely recommend doing yours there as well because we were able to get a lot of our nontraditional gifts and favorite travel stuff like the Osprey backpacks and a Pendelton blanket instead of the typical china sets.


bride in the fall


smiling groom in the fall


mismatched bridesmaids in the fall


fall groomsmen group


wedding in Bergamo Chapel


couple sharing their first kiss at their wedding


just married!


smiling bride and groom


wedding speech at Lost Creek Memory barn


table toasting at a wedding


bride and groom in the field at Lost Creek Memory Barn


group of friends at a wedding


our first dance at Lost Creek Memory Barn


group photo of our Lost Creek Memory Barn wedding


Our wedding at the Lost Creek Memory Barn Dayton was just as magical as I hoped it would be, and these pictures capture it perfectly!

It was a relaxed day surrounded by the ones I love and I couldn’t have asked for more. It was even 65 degrees and sunny in November which was definitely lucky.

This was a cherished day, and I feel lucky to share it with you. 


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