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Craft beer in Mexico City is amazing, but trying to find out where it’s served is not. Seriously, putting together this article felt like investigative journalism at times.

My hunt for the best breweries encountered some major roadblocks because a lot of the information online isn’t clear… specifically which bars serve craft beer and which actually brew their own. It was also confusing to find which breweries have tap rooms and which are just businesses that are closed to the public.

On Friday, Daniel and I showed up at Cerveceria Reforma because we believed it was a brewery open to the public (it’s not, yet). The owner, Ivan, came out to meet us and was genuinely confused about why we were standing outside of his business!

We explained we were looking for craft beer and he helpfully took us under his wing and got our search on the right track. Oh, and then a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit, his power went out, and we walked across the city together because none of us could get an Uber and the traffic was insane… safe to say, our search for craft beer in Mexico City has been incredibly eventful.

I put a lot of work in finding the best beer tours, breweries, bars, and taprooms here, so you can enjoy them all on your next night out. I hope this complete guide helps everyone discover the up and coming world of craft beer in Mexico City!


Breweries in Mexico City

Daniel and I visited every single brewery in the capital’s city limits. This isn’t just some of the options you can try, it’s all of them. Keep reading to see locations, prices, my reviews, and more!


Taller de Cerveza La Graciela

Location: Orizaba 163, Roma Nte, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX

This small brewery, restaurant and bar is one of my favorite places for craft beer in Mexico City. They have a window into their brew room that you can check out along with outdoor seating on a lively sidewalk and tons of different beer options to try.

You can order their own beers on tap or browse a long list of bottles from both Mexico and around the world. I got a coffee stout (I’m a sucker for a stout) and Daniel got an IPA. Both were 100 pesos / 5 usd.

We went on a Saturday night and it had a really lively atmosphere. The best part about La Graciela is that it’s right next to a few other bars and an ice cream place, so this can be one stop for your entire night.

My tip: Graciela, Escollo, and the Tasting Room are within an 11 minute walk from each other, so I recommend visiting these three breweries together in one night out.  


Cerveceria Cru Cru

Location: Cjon. of Romita 8, Roma Nte., 06700 Mexico City, CDMX
More Info Here

This is where Ivan’s insider info really came in handy. He’s good friends with the team at Cru Cru and told us to go check it out. It’s not officially open to the public, but if you knock on their door they’ll let you in and sell you some craft beer to try.

SECRET BREWERY! Guys, it doesn’t get any cooler than this.

Daniel and I went on a Friday evening (luckily this one was earthquake free) and knocked on the door as instructed. Inside, we discovered the place is built into a historical monastery with interesting murals on the wall. They had an arcade machine as well as indoor and outdoor seating.

At Cru Cru I tried the Gose beer made with grasshoppers… it was pretty interesting. Daniel had the porter which was great.

If you do decide to stop by, try to go around 8 pm on Friday or Saturday when the tours are going to be there, so it’s not to inconvenient for the staff 🙂

My tip: Cru Cru and HOP: The Beer Experience are an 11 minute walk from each other, so it’s easy to pair these two breweries together on a night out in Mexico City.


craft beer in Mexico City at cerveceria cru cru



Location: Calle Querétaro 182, Roma Nte, 06700 Mexico City, CDMX
More Info Here

Escollo was the first craft beer in Mexico City that I tried, and it was super strange because right when we walked in a saw a sign on the wall for Warped Wing!

Warped Wing is a brewery in my hometown in Ohio and one of the stops in my DIY brewery walking tour of Dayton. Turns out, the two owners are friends and had created a beer together in 2015. Small world.

On to the beers themselves, Escollo is both a craft beer bar and a brewery and they had eight different options of their own beers to try. I had the stout and Daniel had an IPA, but we actually each preferred each other’s and traded.

Escollo is good because the beers are pretty cheap and you can even get some of their drafts for only 60 pesos / 3 usd. It’s also within walking distance to La Graciela.

The atmosphere was very low key and at 8 pm on a Saturday night it was almost empty. If you want a quiet night out, this is the place, but if you’re looking for a lively brewery there are better options.



Location: Av. Plaza De la República # 51, Tabacalera, 06000 Cuauhtémoc, CDMX
More Info Here

Daniel and I went to Crisanta for Valentine’s Day and to be honest, we left a little disappointed. They advertise themselves as a brewery but had none of their own beers when we went.

In fact, it looked like their brewing equipment has been completely disassembled in the back, and upon closer inspection many reviewers have had the same experience. So, don’t go here expecting to try their house beer.

The food was pretty average and prices were kind of high as well: expect to pay 190 pesos / 10 usd for a burger or pasta dish and 80 pesos / 4 usd and up for craft beers. The beer selection was good and the restaurant’s open front had a view of the Monument to the Revolution which is lit up beautifully at night. The place was also full and had a nice vibe.

If you’re in the area check it out to try some craft beers in Mexico City, but even though it bills itself as a brewery, I don’t think it is anymore.

2019 Update: Crisanta has closed their Tabacalera location and confirmed they no longer produce their own beer. 


HOP: The Beer Experience

Location: Roma 13 Col. Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico 06600
More Info Here

Just so you don’t get confused, there are actually two locations for this brewery (and we visited both). First, I’ll talk about the HOP 1, the original at the location listed above. We walked here after having dinner and drinks at Crisanta because it was only 15 minutes away.

The place was small but packed. They had about 20 craft beers listed on the wall (ask which ones are their own) and we got a flight. Because it was Valentine’s Day they also gave us a taster of five chocolates to try with the beers. So cute!

HOP 2, their second location, is in the Narvarte Poniente neighborhood. This the the larger location where their beers are actually brewed. When Daniel and I visited they had only one of their own beers on tap (the Pale Ale, it was pretty good) but they also had at least 20 other craft options to try.

The brewery was by far my favorite of all of them. The vibe was super cool with picnic tables and lights string across the ceilings. The kitchen is also in a food truck right in the middle of the bar! I actually felt like I was back in the States at a brewery in Chicago or LA. The draft selection at HOP 2 is also great and you can tell it was curated with care because almost everything we tried was delicious.

HOP 2 is good for groups because all the beers are on tap so you can get pitchers for a really good price. On Wednesdays, each pitcher also comes with a free large pizza! So, Daniel and I got about 6 beers and a large pepperoni pizza for 250 pesos / 13 usd in one of the coolest bars in Mexico City… awesome. They also have flights for 125 pesos / 6.50 usd each and lots of different deals like all-you-can-eat pizza on Tuesdays.

Finally (if I haven’t already sung its praises enough) HOP 2 has a small shop in the front where you can buy any of your favorite beers to go on your way out. I bought the Chai Tea beer from Error de Diciembre brewing to try at home and it was delicious.

2019 Update: HOP has opened two more locations. HOP 3 is in the city of Merida (in the Yucatan Peninsula) but HOP 4 is also in Mexico City. You can find it in the Polanco neighborhood. 


craft beer in Mexico City at HOP 2 Brewery


The Tasting Room

Location: Calle de Chiapas 173, Roma Nte., 06700 Cuauthémoc, CDMX
More Info Here

This is a super cool craft beer bar that has only recently branched into brewing. They had two of their Casa Cervecera Morena beers on tap and I tried the IPA. You can also get a flight here with Mexican beers for 125 pesos / 6.50 usd, but the price goes up if you want a flight of imports.

We were here on a Saturday night and the bar was completely full, the vibe was awesome and modern, and there were at least 20 different craft beers on tap from around the country and the world. I loved it!


Principia Tasting Room

Location: Avenida Magdalena 311, Local A, Col del Valle Nte, 03100 Ciudad de México, CDMX
More Info Here

This is a tasting room, rather than a brewery, but you can try the Principia beers here. I liked the vibe and when we went they had two of their brews on tap. The rest of the selection was a couple different Mexican breweries and (I’m not sure why) eight beers from Founders in Michigan. They had some bottled beer options to choose from as well.

It was good for a chill night out. I tried both the Principia beers and two others in a flight for 100 pesos / 5 usd and they were all pretty good. Their food looked great and I really liked their branding too. My only complaint would be that the selection could use a little more variation.

2019 Update: Our visit was soon after Principia first opened and that’s why they had so few of their beers on tap. Now you can usually find eight to ten of their own beers on offer when you go. 


Awesome Craft Beer Bars in Mexico City

Tried all the breweries and ready for something new? Here are some of my favorite craft beer bars in Mexico City.


Roma Biergarten

Location: Calle Querétaro 225, Roma Nte., 06700 Mexico City, CDMX
Perfect for: Getting a drink after a delicious dinner at the Mercado Roma (it’s located right upstairs).
More Info Here


Fiebre de Malta

Location: Calle Río Lerma 156, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Perfect for: I’m not sure… unfortunately I didn’t have time to make it here, but Ivan recommended it and you know you can trust a local brewer!
More Info Here


Fritz Bar and Restaurant

Location: Av. Dr. Río de la Loza 221, Doctores, 06720 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Perfect for: Enjoying a large beer selection before a Lucha Libre event at Arena Mexico.
More Info Here


La Belga Beer Store

Location: Calle Querétaro 96, Roma Nte, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Perfect for: Getting a few craft beers to go.
More Info Here


The Craft Society

Location: Plaza Luis Cabrera 16, Roma Norte, 06700 Cuauhtemoc, CDMX
Perfect for: Day drinking on a sunny day in Roma.
More Info Here


Craft Beer Tours in Mexico City

There are two different options for craft beer tours in Mexico City. The first is a bus trip and the second is a DIY option through an app!


Turi Cervecero Beer Tour

Location: Click Here for a list of locations where you can buy tickets (the tour isn’t listed on the site at the moment, but it is definitely still running as of March 2018)

This beer tour is perfect for someone who wants to see a lot of what Mexico City has to offer in a short time frame. The tour is 400 pesos per person, and runs every Friday and Saturday evening for 4.5 hours.

They take you to visit four different breweries and taprooms, some of which aren’t even open to the public, like Cerveceria Reforma. The other options include Cru Cru, Hop 2, and Crisanta (breweries) and Sonny Diaz, Deposito, and Fiebre de Malta (bars).

The price of your ticket includes one beer at each of the four locations you visit. I haven’t done this tour, but it could definitely be a great and easy option to try some craft beer in Mexico City. If you check it out, please comment below or shoot me a message to tell me how it was!


The Beer Adventures App

This app is pretty cool. You can download the Mexico City Beer Tour on the Beer Adventures App. Then, it will send you to a starting point and take you on a DIY walking tour of breweries and craft beer in Mexico City.

It looks like it’s brand new (I wasn’t able to try it on my visit) but could be an easy way to get started in the Mexico City craft beer scene. Plus, it’s always nice having an app tell you where to go when you start to get a little tipsy!

Learn more about the Beer Adventures app here.


Craft Beer Festivals in Mexico City

Finally, don’t miss these festivals celebrating all things craft beer in Mexico City.

Beerfest Texcoco will be held February 23 – 24 in 2019. Find more info here.

These four beer festivals all took place in 2018 but I’m not sure if (or when) they will announce 2019 dates:

  • Puebla Beer Fest
  • Cervefest Mexico 
  • Tenango Beer Festival & Rock 
  • Cerveza Mexico


Craft beer in Mexico City is everywhere if you know where to look.

Try these breweries and bars to get your fix, and explore the world of Mexico’s microbrews. Support the local beer scene on your next night out with this complete guide!

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