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Climbing Adam’s Peak should be on everyone’s Sri Lanka itinerary.

After making the pilgrimage myself, I have to say that it was definitely one of the best experiences I had in the country.


The cultural and religious symbolism of Adam’s Peak are very important to the Sri Lankan people.

The Buddhist population believes there is a footprint from Buddha himself at the top of the mountain, while the Hindu population believe the footprint is from their god Shiva. Christians and Muslims believe it is from Adam, from the first step he took after being exiled from the Garden of Eden.

All four religions consider climbing Adam’s Peak to be a sacred pilgrimage, and we saw people from every generation making the strenuous hike, from small children to barefoot grandmas and everyone in between, which is crazy because this hike definitely isn’t easy!

Climbing Adam’s Peak means struggling up 5,000 stairs. Oh, and did I mention that the walk begins at 2 am?

If you’re still interested in undertaking this sacred trek (and you should be, it’s amazing!) then keep reading for everything you need to know about climbing Adan’s Peak….

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climbing Adan's Peak at sunrise


Where is Adam’s Peak?

Adam’s Peak is located in the south west part of the country, pretty far away from most other tourist attractions. We decided to do it between our time in Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle and Ella in the Hill Country.

Adams Peak is easiest to visit if you have a private driver, and you can check out my detailed Sri Lanka Itinerary to learn more about the best time to fit it into your trip.


What is the best season for climbing Adam’s Peak?

The best time to climb Adam’s Peak is during the pilgrimmage season that runs from January to May.

For the rest of the year, the mountain “closes.” That means there are no open shops, no electricity and lights, and no people on the mountain save for a few tourists who are climbing Adam’s Peak out of season.

This is more dangerous and should only be done with a lot of planning, packed food and water, and even a hired guide.

If you are going during the pilgrimage season, no guide is necessary because there will be thousands of people on the mountain with you and plenty of shops to buy water and food on the climb up.

Just make sure you avoid climbing Adam’s Peak on the full moons and weekends. These are the most popular days, and the massive crowds can prevent you from even reaching the top.


sunrise on Adam's Peak


Which route should I take?

There are multiple routes for climbing Adam’s Peak.

The most popular, and the one that I took, is the route from the small town of Dalhousie. It’s lined with lights, shops, and is completely on stairs… there are no hiking trails here.


How long is the climb up Adam’s Peak?

The 5,000 steps take about three and a half hours to ascend and then two and a half more to descend.

We left our hostel in Dalhousie around 2 am and returned at 9 am. I am, however, a very slow walker… the route can be done faster or slower depending on your fitness levels.


What time should I start the climb up Adam’s Peak?

The tradition is to start the climb at 2 or 2:30 am, and reach the top to watch the sunrise.

I definitely suggest this because first, you will see all the Sri Lankan people making their pilgrimages, and second, you will miss the extreme heat and sun of the day.

Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunrise from the top of the mountain where the view of Sri Lanka’s lush jungles, rolling hills, and blue lakes is absolutely stunning.


What should I bring on the climb up Adam’s Peak?

I recommend wearing sturdy hiking boots and packing a small day pack with a few layers because the night starts chilly but will warm up as you climb and the sun rises.

You should also bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer for the bathrooms, and small bills and coins to buy water and snacks on the way up. This is some of the hiking gear I can’t live without: 

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Where should I stay to climb Adam’s Peak?

The town of Dalhousie is the best jumping off point for Adam’s Peak.

There’s not too much to do there, though, so we timed our arrival for the evening, ate dinner, and tried to fall asleep early. I recommend staying at the Slightly Chilled Hotel because it’s clean and includes a good breakfast with a view of the mountain. There are only a few other budget hotel options in the area.

Then, we woke up at 2 am for the climb and finished around 9 am. After a quick shower and breakfast, we left immediately with our driver to head to Ella.

If you have a private driver, I strongly suggest spending only one night. If not, you may be too tired to deal with public transport and want to spend a second night to recover before you move on.


Where should I go after climbing Adam’s Peak?

After climbing Adam’s Peak, my legs were absolutely dead. They have never ever been so sore in my life, and I doubt they ever will be again. I became a hobbling shell of my former self.

Unfortunately, after climbing Adam’s peak we went to Ella, which is a town known for climbing little Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock, and other beautiful hikes.

I chose this as our next destination in our Sri Lanka Itinerary because it was only four hours from Adam’s Peak. I’m happy we went, but I would also suggest scheduling a few days at a beach directly after your climb to really relax and recover.


Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka


Use This Guide to Climb Adam’s Peak

What else can I say about climbing Adam’s Peak?

Outside of these specifics, it was a truly magical experience. One of those moments where you feel completely connected and united with the people around you, as you all sit and enjoy your physical accomplishment and a beautiful but fleeting sunrise.

The climb was physically challenging, but oh-so-rewarding.

I 100% recommend adding Adam’s Peak to your Sri Lanka itinerary. Even if you’re a little out of shape or nervous about the climb, it’s easy to go slow and steady to the top. Give it a try and I know you’ll have an unforgettable experience.


Ready to go?

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