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I lived in Medellin for 6 months, so I had plenty of boozy weekends to put together the perfect night Poblado bar crawl. You probably don’t have as much time in the city as I did, so I created this guide to help you hit up all my favorite places in one night.

Follow these suggestions for the ultimate Poblado bar crawl because whether you’re into craft beer, shots, classy establishments or clubbing all night, this list has it all.


DIY Poblado Bar Crawl: Dinner

Every one knows you can’t go out on an empty stomach, so you need to start your Poblado bar crawl with dinner. So, what’s your budget?

In my humble opinion, Bonhomia is one of the best restaurants in Poblado. It serves amazing charcuterie platters, fresh baked bread, and papas bravas.

A meal for two here will run you about 25 usd. They also have a fancy cocktail menu with drinks around 8 usd each. I recommend this restaurant if you have money to blow and want to check out their awesome patio and chill ambiance.

If your budget is a little lower, then definitely hit up Querido Food and Love. This place is a gem. Its cute and classy, but meals will only run you about 5 usd each, and glasses of wine are 3 usd more. If you go, I recommend the spinach and artichoke dip and truffle pizza!


DIY Poblado Bar Crawl: Happy Hour

Are you ready to get tipsy?

If you answer yes like any backpacker should, then the only next logical stop on the ultimate Poblado bar crawl is the Happy Buddha Bar.

A lot of people know this is a major party hostel, but most people don’t know that the cocktails are 2 for 1 between 6 and 8 pm. Thats two mojitos, gin and tonics, or whatevers for only 4 usd. And they’re strong too.

Happy Buddha Bar is also great because it is on a second level open air balcony, has pool tables, and usually some interesting people hanging around. It’s also right across the street from Querido. If you hit up this happy hour, I guarantee you’ll start your night off right.


DIY Poblado Bar Crawl: Craft Beers

So, the happy hour ended at Happy Buddha, and you’re probably more drunk than you should be. No worries, just cross the street and take a seat at the Brew House.

This place is run by a Colombian American who is pretty much always drunk and giving out free shots of Jaegar. The bar has beer pong, darts, and best of all: their own craft beer.

At about 5 usd for a pint, escape the clutches of Club Colombia and splurge on something new. Plus, the owner told me they’re working on a house brewed cider coming soon… my fav!


DIY Poblado Bar Crawl: Shots

If you manage to leave the Brew House (most times we went we ended up staying and drinking with the owner and his friends after closing) then continue your Poblado bar crawl at Shupa Shots.

This is a small bar right near Parque Lleras with an insane shots menu. They have candy shots, coffee shots, and literally every flavor under the sun.

They also have alcoholic slushies, hats and costumes to dress up in (why?) and a giant shot wheel to spin and see what you should order next.

The two deadliest shots here are definitely the Heroina shot (served in a giant syringe the bar tender empties into your mouth) and the Gasolina shot that tastes absolutely awful but gets the job done.

The shots cost around 4 usd each and one shot here is more than enough, you’ll feel the effects hit you almost immediately. They are strooooong.


DIY Poblado Bar Crawl: The Last Stop

Ok, I have two great choices for the last stop on your Poblado bar crawl, depending on what you’re into.

First, there’s the classy stop.

Walk to Panorama Rooftop Bar.

This bar has multiple levels and different balconies. It’s open air, has tons of greenery, is always packed and has a great vibe. It’s a little expensive (5 or 6 usd for a glass of wine is a cheaper drink on the menu) but a great place to relax, chill, and end the night right.

Second is for people who want to dance all night.

Although I don’t club much, there’s a great one next to the Happy Buddha Bar on the left side… but I forget what it’s called and can’t find it online.

It was fun when we visited and had great music and lots of dancing. If you want to walk a little further, the Sixxtina club in Poblado is popular too and has good reviews online.


Create Your Own Medellin Bar Crawl With This Guide

Medellin is a can’t miss stop on the gringo trail through South America because it has some of the best nightlife on the continent.

No matter what you’re into: shots, clubs, craft beer, or chill nights out, this ultimate Poblado bar crawl guide has it all.

If you have any more suggestions to add to the list (if you can remember them that is) then comment below and let me know!

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