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If you’re trying to build a location independent lifestyle, Slight North has all the resources and recommendations you need. This roundup was born from our personal experience working remote, blogging, and traveling full-time for the past two years.

Now, you can find all of our recommendations in one master list and get everything you need in one place!



Airbnb – Daniel and I usually stay in each city for 5 weeks or more, so hostels and hotels just don’t cut it. We’ve been able to get private apartments around the world for as little as $500 per month (with furnishing and utilities included) with Airbnb.

I love it because tourists are targets for scams when it comes to renting in a foreign country, but with Airbnb I know I’m always protected. Sign up today and get $40 in FREE travel credit! – This has been my favorite booking site for years. They seem to have the best selection on the internet and consistently low prices. is easy to use and often has options that you can book without any credit card or upfront payment required! I like to  use Airbnb to find long-term apartments but to find hostels and hotels for short-term trips. 

WeWork or Impact Hub – Both of these coworking spaces have offices around the world which makes moving from city to city a little smoother. While pricing varies, you can count on quality, comfort, fast internet and new connections wherever you go.

TravelZoo – If you don’t usually travel long-term, you can find amazing vacation deals on TravelZoo. Sign up for the newsletter or just check their website now and then and you’ll be surprised. Once, I saw an 8-night tour of China with hotels, food, and flights from the US for only $299. WANT.

Scott’s Cheap Flights – Yesterday my brother booked a roundtrip from Boston to Barcelona for only $260 thanks to this email service. Even if you don’t purchase flights too often, it’s still fun to browse the emails and get inspo for your next vacation destination!

Skyscanner – This site is my go-to recommendation for booking flights. It’s always easy to compare your options here, but my favorite feature is the ability to search from your destination to “everywhere.”

Sometimes it turns up some totally unexpected and super cheap deals (like my flights from Dubai to Berlin for only $250 per person). Get started with these round-trip flight deals under $100!



Timberland Boots – These are some of the best hiking boots on the market. They’re waterproof, warm, comfortable, and have lasted me almost four years now of hiking and camping around the world.

Even for a Europe trip, these Timberland boots will make all the difference in the condition of your feet at the end of a long day. Try them once and you’ll quickly see why high-quality boots are a travel necessity.

Vibrant All-In-One Travel Bottle – It’s sleek and stylish, makes tea and flavored water with a removable strainer, and regulates temperature for hours. If you’re sick of wasting money and plastic on one-time-use water bottles, this is the travel bottle for you.

UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker – Durable, waterproof, sleek, and easy-to-use. After getting hip to the UE Boom speakers, I’ll never go back to listening to Netflix though my laptop again.

Osprey Farpoint 55 – These bags are pricey, but the lifetime warranty makes them a one-time-only investment. Even better, the Osprey Farpoint 55 is carry-on sized for airlines but spacious enough to fit everything I need – even when I live out of it for months at a time. Plus, it comes with a handy zip-on day pack as well!

Compression Packing CubesThis set of four packing cubes is so great. Not only do they help me stay organized, they also use a special zipper to compress my clothes extra small so I can fit more on my bag! They’re also useful for wet clothes, dirty laundry, toiletries, the list goes on and on. 

Panda Planner Pro – This planner is a must for anyone who works remote. It has daily, weekly, and monthly pages where you can fill out your priorities, break them down into tasks, create a schedule, and much more. This Panda Planner Pro covers six months but you can also get the original Panda Planner for only three months instead. 

Curious what I pack when I’m living abroad? Read my detailed packing list for long-term travel to see absolutely everything I bring with me on the road. 



Superstar Blogging – These four courses cover travel writing, photography, videography, and blogging. Right now I’m in the midst of the travel writing course and Daniel is finishing the 8-week photography course. 

All of them are taught by experts in the field (like David Farley, a professor at NYU and Columbia) and come with personalized feedback and a private Facebook group for networking.

Udemy – This platform hosts a wide variety of afforable courses on coding, digital marketing, freelance writing, language learning, yoga, meditation, creative arts, and anything else you could need. Even better? Most start at only $10.99!

The Working Abroad Series – Still not sure how to launch your location independent lifestyle? Dive into the Working Abroad Series for interviews with the experts and get step by step guides to become a flight attendant, work on a yacht, launch a freelance writing career, teach online, and much, much more.

edX – Starting your own business takes a lot more that just a few good ideas… luckily, edX is here to help. The online platform was created by Harvard and MIT, so it’s pretty damn legit.

It hosts both paid and free courses from the best universities in the world, and I recommend getting started with Becoming an Entrepreneur to start organizing your business plan, marketing personas, and other startup requirements.

Still looking for more? Download our free ebook A Guide to Remote Work for 26 pages of tips, resources, insight, and practical advice on turning your remote work dream into a reality.



SEMrush – If you run a travel blog, you need to sign up for a free SEO audit from SEMrush. The service will grade your site and return of a list of issues, warnings, and errors to fix. Writing good content is only half the battle, and SEMrush will help you master SEO to improve your rankings as well.

Buffer – This free and easy to use service has been with me from the start. If you’re not a huge fan of social media (like me) this is a convenient way to knock out a week or month’s worth of posts all at once.

Canva – We use Canva for all our design needs including Facebook and Twitter headers, our ebook, my itineraries, and more. It’s super easy to make anything look good, even with zero knowledge of photoshop or graphic design.

VyperVPN – VPNs protect your privacy, but they’re also essential to access geographically restricted sites when you’re traveling. For me, that’s usually Netflix and websites that I’m using to write my freelance articles. Use this link to get 3-months free!

Elegant Themes – Pay one fee, get the theme for life. With Elegant Themes you can skip the subscription payments without any fear of commitment because the theme is so versatile. As you grow and begin to customize your site, Elegant Themes will make sure you always stand out from the crowd.

Affiliate Marketing – When I first started affiliate marketing, I was so lost on where to begin. Now I know my way around a bit and I have accounts on CJ, ClickBank, Rakuten, and Amazon Associates. Once these are set up, you can browse companies, apply for those you think would be a good fit, and then start selling! I also use the Amalinks Pro plugin to add product showcases, comparison tables, and Amazon approved ‘buy now’ buttons to my articles. 

Guest Posting & Press Trips – Though they may be every travel bloggers dream, finding press trips isn’t easy. However, one of my favorite places to find leads is the Matador Network. Join the Creators Community and you can apply directly to companies looking for partnerships, writers, and more.

Sponsored Content – Looking for partnerships and sponsored content? I’ve tried a lot of platforms promising to connect me to brands, but most have fallen flat. Still, The Blogger Programme (though it’s mostly Europe-based companies) and Real Clever seem to have the best opportunities.