How to DIY Your Own Dayton Brewery Walking Tour

Did you know that it’s possible to walk between six of the seven breweries in Dayton, Ohio? Yep, you can easily create your own Dayton brewery walking tour to visit all of them in one day.

No guides, no pedal wagons, no worries. This route is 2 miles exactly and takes about 40 minutes of walking between the six breweries. Follow this step-by-step guide to do your own Dayton brewery walking tour and enjoy all of the craft beer that the city has to offer!

Beyond the Dayton brewery tour route, I’ve also made it my mission to let you know about not just the best breweries in Dayton, but all of the breweries in Dayton.

That meant visiting five in one day (for research of course) and creating and cataloguing a list of the rest that are outside of downtown. If you’re ready to drink local, this Dayton brewery guide has everything you need to know to make it happen!


Warped Wing on the Dayton brewery walking tour


The DIY Dayton Brewery Walking Tour

There are seven breweries in downtown Dayton, and six of them are within walking distance of each other.

Carillon Brewing Company makes it awkward, so either visit it first, last, or not at all. Then, take an Uber to the first stop on this guide and simply follow the route below to visit the rest on the Dayton breweries on foot!


The Outlier: Carillon Brewing Company

Where: 1000 Carillon Boulevard, Dayton, OH 45409
I recommend: Checking this out if you’re a history buff, because they make beer with the same equipment and recipes as they did in historical Dayton.
More Info Here

The Carillon Brewing Company isn’t located near the rest, but it is in the beautiful Carillon Historical Park which makes it a perfect day trip all on its own. Walk around the grounds and museum, and then visit the Carillon Brewing Company for lunch or dinner and a couple pints. Just be warned, though, the only house brews here are sour beer… it’s worth trying, but definitely an acquired taste.

Next: Drive to Fifth Street Brewpub to start your Dayton brewery walking tour.


Stop 1: Fifth Street Brewpub

Location: 1600 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45403
I recommend: Start your walking brewery tour of Dayton here! Also, try the mint cookie stout.
More Info Here

This pub is unique because it’s in a restored house and also because it’s a nonprofit organization. The pub is run as a co-op, so you can buy ownership with a one time fee of $125 and receive discounts for the rest of your life.

The Fifth Street Brewpub regularly holds charity events and donates to local organizations, and any leftover profits at the end of the year are invested back into the bar. It’s great because not only do they do good, but they also brew good. We tried eight of their nine home brews on tap, and they were all pretty good. My favorite was definitely the mint cookie stout which is delicious and perfect for the holidays.

Next: Walk 16 minutes to Branch & Bone Artisan Ales


Stop 2: Branch & Bone Artisan Ales

Location: 905 Wayne Ave, Dayton, OH 45410, USA
More Info Here

I created this DIY Dayton brewery walking tour in December 2017, and Branch & Bone Artisan Ales opened up in Summer 2018. Because of that it’s the only brewery on this walking tour that I haven’t been able to try yet. However, just digging a little deeper into their website makes me excited to check it out when I’m back in the DYT again.

Branch & Bone features different food trucks every Friday and Saturday night which I can definitely get behind. Also, the place looks modern, clean, and perfect for a quick stop and a few ales before you move on to the next brewery.

Next: Walk 11 minutes to Toxic Brew Company


Stop 3: Toxic Brew Company

Location: 431 E 5th St, Dayton, OH 45402 (the Oregon District)
I recommend: Visiting this if you’re only going to one, because of its location in the historic Oregon District.
More Info Here

This brewery is in the heart of the Oregon District, so it’s super convenient to visit and has a very chill ambiance. I like it because their house brewed beers are good, and they also serve some other local beers as well as meads, wine, and mixed drinks. So, it definitely has something for everyone.

There’s also free popcorn and boardgames to play, which is always great. If you’re only in Dayton for a short time, visit the historic Oregon district and definitely don’t miss Toxic Brew.

Next: Walk 7 minutes to Warped Wing Brewing Company


Stop 4: Warped Wing Brewing Company

Location: 26 Wyandot St, Dayton, OH 45402
I recommend: Trying Esther’s Lil Secret Winter Ale made with Esther Price chocolates. It’s not my favorite on their tap list but it’s just about as Dayton as it gets.
More Info Here

Warped Wing is located in a giant industrial building and has a cool ambiance. It was named after Dayton locals Orville and Wilber Wright’s invention of a flexible “warped wing” for their airplanes, the missing link that allowed them to be the first in flight (and no, North Carolina can’t claim that no matter how badly they want to.)

The super high ceilings and large windows in Warped Wing make it the perfect place to day drink. You can also see back into the brewery itself, and even take tours for $10 on Sunday afternoons. Warped Wing Brewery is great because their branding has a super old-school-cool retro Dayton look, and they had 20 of their own beers on tap. It was interesting to try some very unique brews!

Next: Walk 4 minutes to the Dayton Beer Co.


Stop 5: Dayton Beer Company

Location: 41 Madison St, Dayton, OH 45402
I recommend: Visiting in the summer to enjoy the outdoor beer garden, and also bringing your pup along to their dog-friendly outdoor patio.
More Info Here

The Dayton Beer Co. is encouraging the city to “Think Dayton, Drink Dayton” which I absolutely love. They pride themselves on being Dayton’s first local brewery in 50 years.

The Dayton Beer Co. has a huge selection of beers ranging from their own home brews (there were about 13 on tap when we visited) to more from around the state and country. Of those, their coffee beer was one of the best I had tried all day. If you want a large selection and outdoor seating, this is the brewery for you.

Next: Walk 4 minutes to Lock 27 Brewing


Stop 6: Lock 27 Brewing

Location: Dayton Dragons Plaza, 329 E. First St. Dayton, Ohio, 45402
I recommend: The ghost pepper beer! It’s super spicy but has a great chocolatey flavor. Also, try the food. The wings, pretzels, and salmon we ate were all really good.
More Info Here

This is the second location for Lock 27 Brewing, but they still have all the brewing equipment and make their beers in house. When we visited they had seven or eight of their own beers on tap and we tried six of them.

The ghost pepper beer was probably the most unique flavor I have ever tasted, and the spice lingered in my mouth for a good couple minutes after each sip. The IPA was also good and not too bitter, which I like.

My favorite part of this brewery, though, was the food. The soft pretzels and dry rubbed wings were both delicious, and the salmon was really flavorful too. If you need to eat, this dayton brewery is the one for you.

Next: This is the end of the Dayton brewery walking tour. If you’re still alive, I recommend getting an Uber and heading home to nurse the hangover you’re definitely going to have in the morning.


Dayton Beer Co. on the Dayton brewery walking tour


Still Looking For More?

After you finish the Dayton brewery walking tour, check out these awesome local bars (within walking distance, of course) if you want to experience more of the Dayton craft beer scene.

ProtoBuild Bar: This is only 3 minutes walking distance from Lock 27 Brewing. My dad really wants me to include this one, because apparently it’s a 3D printing lab and bar all rolled into one? I’m honestly not too sure how it works, but it sounds interesting. Read more about it here, and if you visit comment below to let me know how it is!

Crafted and Cured: This bar is near the Oregon District, only a few minutes from Toxic Brew Pub. Crafted and Cured has 60 beers and ciders on tap to enjoy in their old-fashioned vintage ambiance. They also have a meat and cheese bar where you can create your own charcuterie platters. Finally, you can grab some beers or a bottle of wine to go from their retail selection as well. The food isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely good. Learn more about it here!


Every Brewery Around Dayton

Everything listed above is located downtown and makes up my DIY Dayton brewery walking tour. However, I’m not gonna leave it at just that. I also took the time to track down the names and locations of every brewery within reasonable driving distance, for those of you that are ready to branch out for more. Ten more local breweries are listed below, sorted by location.



Star City Brewery Company  319 S 2nd St, Miamisburg, OH 45342  Website

Lucky Star Brewery  219 S 2nd St, Miamisburg, OH 45342  Website



Devil Wind Brewing  130, 3504, S Detroit St, Xenia, OH 45385 Website



Heavier Than Air Brewing Co.  497 Miamisburg Centerville Road, Centerville, OH 45459  Website

Lock 27 Brewing (original Location)  1035 South Main Street Centerville, Ohio 45458  Website



The Crooked Handle Brewing Co.  760 N Main St, Springboro, OH 45066  Website



The Hairless Hare Brewery  738 W National Rd, Vandalia, OH 45377  Website



Eudora Brewing Company  4716 Wilmington Pike, Dayton, OH 45440  Website


Yellow Springs

Yellow Spring Brewery  305 Walnut St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387  Website


Well, there you have it. The complete Dayton brewery guide along with the step-by-step route to create your own Dayton brewery walking tour through the city.  Visit every single brewery in the area with the list, drink local, and enjoy exploring the awesome craft beer scene in Dayton!

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Top 5 Things To Do In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is an often overlooked city in the Midwest, but for me, it’s certainly worth a visit. If you find yourself in the steel city, don’t miss my top five things to do in Pittsburgh!

Visit the Phipps Conservatory

The Phipps Conservatory is ranked No. 2 on TripAdvisor for a reason. The place is perfect for a visit when you’re craving some green space in the crowded city. It has rooms full of flowers, stunning glass sculptures, and even a large outdoor botanical garden. When you’re done exploring, make sure you don’t miss the award-winning cafe for a snack before you leave.

Educate Yourself

Did you know Pittsburgh has over 30 museums? No matter what you’re into, the city has a museum to fit your tastes. The eclectic variety includes the popular (and free!) Bicycle Heaven museum, which is billed as “the world’s largest bicycle museum and bike shop.” For history lovers, there’s the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and of course, art aficionados can’t miss the Andy Warhol Museum, which features seven floors of the Pittsburgh native’s iconic work.


Discover Events at the Convention Center

Ok, this is a 100 percent true story. When my sister and I visited Pittsburgh, it started to rain, so we took shelter at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. It was huge, and we started wandering through it. We walked through empty floors and rooms, and then came out in … the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series. What? It was a serious event, and people were even winning trips to Tokyo! I’ll never forget stumbling across that. If you’re in Pittsburgh, check out some of the unique events on the calendar this year at the Convention Center, like the Pittsburgh Pet Expo or The Fun & Grub Drinkfest aPalooza. And if you’re in Pittsburgh FOR a convention, use this list of hotels nearby to make your stay as convenient as possible.

Catch a Game

I’m from Ohio, so I’m a diehard Bengals fan, and the Steelers are our biggest rivals. However, cheering against a team is almost as much fun as cheering for one, which is why a visit to the Heinz Field for a football game is definitely on the list. If football isn’t your thing, you can also catch a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game or see the Penguins play hockey at the PPG Paints Arena.

Eat and Drink!

No one does craft beer like the Midwest. If you’re a beer buff (like me!), you’re in luck. There are tons of different breweries to try, and even whole tours dedicated to taking you behind the scenes at the best ones. Pittsburgh’s food game is on point as well. Enjoy an Italian sandwich at the world-famous Primanti Brothers, and, of course, don’t forget to try the Pittsburgh staple: pierogies!


Pittsburgh isn’t just a steel city anymore. There are many amazing parks, museums, restaurants, and events to make a weekend in the city well worth the trip. Next time you visit Pittsburgh, cross my top five things to do off your bucket list!

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The Top Breweries and Best Cafes in Detroit

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but Detroit is now a food mecca.

Earlier this year, National Geographic listed Detroit as one of the world’s “6 Unexpected Cities for the Food Lover,” and media blew up with stories of the city’s food revival. I’ve been singing the praises of Detroit’s best breweries coffee shops for years, though, so I was not surprised.

Detroit’s economy has recently been doing better, the crime rate has dropped, and new development is popping up all over the city.  After decades of decline, this really is something to celebrate. And how to do I usually celebrate good news? By visiting the top breweries and  best cafes in Detroit to grab a drink!

Follow this guide and you’ll find there are no shortages of amazing craft breweries and coffee shops throughout the Detroit Metro for you to fall in love with.


Detroit’s Top 4 Craft Breweries

Starting in the Grosse Pointes you’ll find my absolute favorite brewery in the region (and honestly, maybe in the world): Atwater in the Park. I’m working on trying every beer on their rotating list and can so far highly recommend their Whango Mango Wheat and the Nitro Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale. Atwater in the Park is one of Detroit’s best breweries because it has fabulous outdoor seating, trivia nights, and the most sumptuous giant soft pretzels you will ever come across in your life. Oh and did I mention it’s in a converted church? Doesn’t get more hip than that! 

Up in the hipster, hippy city of Ferndale, Axle Brewing Company’s new Livernois Tap has a to-die for brunch menu. I couldn’t stop exclaiming out loud in joy when chowing down on their French onion eggs rolls which paired well with a Dual Citizen cream ale. Livernois Tap also has great outdoor seating which obviously is a prerequisite for my favorite breweries.

Another one of Detroit’s best breweries is in the suburb of St. Clair Shores. Whenever I’m passing through, I like to stop at Baffin Brewing Company. Though they don’t serve food in house, there are often food trucks parked right outside for a quick bite. At the Baffin Brewing Company I usually go for a Backcrossing Baffin Brown and sit right at the window for people watching.

Finally, back in Midtown Detroit, my happy place is Motor City Brewing Works. This place has is all: outdoor seating, good views, piping hot brick over pizza, and an ice-cold pitcher of Ghettoblaster, an English style mild ale. Honestly, what’s not to like?


cafe in Detroit

The Best Cafes in Detroit

Now on to my other favorite brew: coffee. By far and away, Detroit’s hippest coffee shop is Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown. This cafe has amazing lavender lattes and is a good place to study in the day. In the evening, you can also go for wine or a craft beer. Essentially Great Lakes Coffee hits all my favorite things.

Also in the neighborhood, Fourteen East is a one of the best cafes in Detroit to get delicious chai lattes or French press. 

A few blocks away is Avalon International Breads. This popular coffee shop serves famous (and delicious) sea salt chocolate chip cookies that go great with hot coffee.

Downtown, my favorite place to go is Urban Bean Co. My favorite aspect of this cafe is the lofted seating, which makes a perfect place to people watch, study, and enjoy a cappuccino.

In Indian Village, a beautiful neighborhood on the east side, The Red Hook is where it’s at. Make sure to check out the murals both within the café and across the street.

Further east in the Grosse Pointe suburbs, Cornwall Bakery and Morning Glory Café are my go to hangout spots. Cornwall features Rendezvous with Tea, a local brand sourced from all over the world and has amazing shortbread. Morning Glory Café has beautifully decorated cupcakes along with great outdoor seating.


There you have it, the top breweries and best cafes in Detroit. If you are not packing your bags for Motown after reading this post, well, you can’t be saved. 

Detroit has to be seen to be believed. Follow your heart (and your stomach) to a region that’s finally experiencing their much deserved renaissance and rebirth, where the brews flow freely and the patios are always packed.


Get amped on coffee from the best cafes in Detroit and explore more of the great Midwest. Learn how to do a DIY walking tour of Dayton’s breweries, see the top 5 things to do in Pittsburgh, or read my personal take on America’s dining culture… and why I think it’s super strange

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8 Reasons to Visit Colorado’s Garden of the Gods

The short answer is because it’s amazing. The long answer is below..

Colorado’s Garden of the Gods is a free city park outside of the city of Colorado Springs. If you’re based in Denver on your stay in Colorado, the Garden of the Gods is only a short drive away. Like Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park, the destination makes for an easy day trip.

The park is called the Garden of the Gods because the surveyor who discovered it thought it would make a great place for a beer garden. His partner disagreed, and stated that if it was a beer garden, it would be a garden fit for the Gods… and that’s how its name came about.

The park was actually kept as private property for years, until 1909 when the owner died and donated his land to the city of Colorado Springs. Now, it’s one of Colorado’s most beautiful features, and an awesome day trip from Denver.


Colorado's Garden of the Gods


8 Reasons to Visit Colorado’s Garden of the Gods

1. It’s free.

2. It’s a one of a kind experience in the state.

3. Inside the park, you can also visit the “Balancing Rock” and “Siamese Twins” formations.

4. It’s a beautiful place to hike and climb.

5. It’s less than an hour and a half drive from Denver.

6. It’s open late, so it’s a perfect place to watch the sunset or enjoy a nighttime picnic.

7. It’s close to Colorado Springs, so you can visit the city for dinner and drinks after you trip.

8. Pikes Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountain range and only an hour drive from Garden of the Gods, making it the perfect second spot to combine with your day trip.


Colorado's Garden of the Gods


Daniel and I had an amazing day trip to Colorado’s Garden of the Gods during our November honeymoon. If you’re in the Denver area any time of the year, don’t miss a trip to this beautiful and unique city park!

PS looking for more to do in the city? Check out these 10 photos that will inspire you visit Rocky Mountain National Park or consider a quick and easy day trip to Boulder!

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The Perfect Itinerary For Your Day Trip to Boulder, Colorado

My one year wedding anniversary is coming up, and with it I’ve found myself reminiscing on my wedding and my absolutely perfect honeymoon.

Daniel and I had a fall wedding and then we flew out to Denver, Colorado for our six-day honeymoon ’cause all inclusive resorts just aren’t really our thing. Also, the $26 flights I found may have been another deciding factor… (you can compare prices on flights with Skyscanner here!)

A day in Rocky Mountain National Park was the main draw for us, and we also enjoyed Colorado’s Garden of the Gods. Honestly, though, all of the small towns, hiking, parks, and breweries in Colorado are amazing. There is so much around Denver to see and do and one of my favorite excursions from the city was our day trip to Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder is known for being a college town, and definitely has a major hippy/artsy vibe going on. It is only an hour drive from Denver, so we decided to check it out. Here are my tips to creating a perfect itinerary for your day trip to Boulder, Colorado.


1. Start Your Day Trip to Boulder With Breakfast

Daniel and I started our day trip to Boulder with a late brunch at Snooze Cafe. The breakfast food was phenomenal and super filling.

I had the eggs benedict on hash browns (yum) and Daniel had a flight with three different flavored pancakes, like sweet potato and apple pie. Seriously delicious!


Eating at Snooze Cafe on a day trip to Boulder


2. Explore the Town

After we were stuffed to the brim, we decided to check out downtown Boulder.

The main strip has tons of amazing cafes, bakeries, restaurants, breweries, and shops selling handmade art, foods, drinks, and other interesting things. Parts of it are closed off to traffic too, making it super pedestrian friendly.

Boulder had a great atmosphere even on a November weekday, so I can only imagine what the vibe is like on summers and weekends. Wandering down the cobblestone streets and through the little shops was one of the best parts of our day trip to Boulder.


3. Visit the University of Colorado, Boulder

Next, we left downtown and drove just up the street to visit the University of Colorado, Boulder campus.

Maybe this is just a quirk of mine, but I love visiting college campuses in new cities when I can. They’re always manicured to perfection and boasting beautiful buildings and happy students. It’s hard not to feel as carefree as they are when exploring a new campus! UC Boulder is no exception, and we had a great time walking through the green space and enjoying the views of the city and surrounding mountainsides.


4. See the Flatiron Mountains

Afterwards, we decided to head out to the famous flatiron mountains. There are no other mountains like them and they look like they were sliced in half.

Definitely a must see on your day trip to Boulder!

There are also hiking trails around the mountains, but it was too late in the afternoon for us to start one so unfortunately we had to give it a pass. However, if I come back to Boulder this will be the first thing on my new to-do list.


5. Drive Up Flagstaff Road

The flatirons are right near Flagstaff Road, one of Boulder’s well known scenic drives.

We took it up into the mountains for awesome views of Boulder, the valley, the flatirons, and surrounding peaks. The lookouts along the drive offer some great photo opportunities, especially as the sun started to set.


view of Boulder, Colorado from above


6. Eat Dinner in Boulder

As evening set in, we returned to Boulder and hit up Riff’s Urban Fare for their budget friendly cocktail hour.

It’s on the main strip in the heart of downtown, so we sat by the large windows watching the world go by. I splurged on the salmon but they also had $4, $5, and $6 plates to pair with their selection of happy hour cocktails for a lighter option or shared dinner.


7. End Your Night With a Drink

If you’re spending the night in Boulder, there are tons of craft beer breweries to check out in the small town. Some of the most popular are  The Post Brewing Co. and Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery. If that’s not your thing, the varied nightlife also offers live music, cocktails, or anything else you may be looking for.

One of the best things about a day trip to Boulder is that even if  you’re not spending the night, Denver is only a one hour drive away and has it’s own beer scene to tempt you 😉


downtown Boulder, Colorado


A day trip to Boulder is a must do when you visit Colorado. We used this itinerary and it was honestly one of my favorite days of my honeymoon! The town has a relaxed vibe, great food, unique shops, and beautiful nature surrounding it. Make the time to see it on your next trip to Colorado, and you definitely won’t regret it!


PS read more about Rocky Mountain National Park and the Garden on the Gods, then add them to your Colorado trip itinerary as well! 

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10 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

Did you know Daniel and I went to Denver for our honeymoon?

Yep, when I compared flight prices on Skyscanner and found they were only $26, it was a no brainer!

Of course, after we arrived in Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park was our first stop. The park is only a two hour drive from the city and definitely one of the most stunning places I have ever been in the United States.

If you haven’t planned a trip to hike and camp in Rocky Mountain National Park yet, these 10 photos of the park may give you just the travel inspo that you need.


hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park



hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park



hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park



hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park





hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park


hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park







hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park


Wow, just writing this article is making me feel majorly nostalgic for all of our beautiful experiences in this beautiful place. Many people think Colorado has one of the most stunning landscapes of the United States, and after visiting I have to say I definitely agree. I

f you like hiking, camping, photography, and wildlife, the Rocky Mountain National Park is a must for any Colorado itinerary. Add it to your Denver to-do list and you’re sure to have an amazing time!


PS Already planning your trip to the city? Learn how to take a day trip to Boulder and see Colorado’s Garden of the Gods to explore more of this beautiful state!

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