Dan and Di’s Fall Wedding in Dayton, Ohio

So, the title is pretty self explanatory here, our wedding is one of my favorite memories of all time. There’s pretty much only one time in your life that everyone you know and love is in the same place. Combine that with craft beer, amazing food, and the perfect sunny day with fall leaves, and you’ve got a recipe for the best barn party on this side of the Mississippi.

Of course the actual ceremony was amazing (I cried) and I got to marry my best friend! What more could I ask for in a day?

Getting married young just means you get to do everything you originally planned, but with someone you love by your side, and I’m so happy I found my perfect partner. Check out some of my favorite pictures from my favorite day!
















PS If you want to see more, check out our Abu Dhabi engagement photos, read our story, and of course stick around to explore our latest travels on the site!

All my love,

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Slight North

Collect memories, not things. 

Our Abu Dhabi Engagement Photos in the UAE Desert

I’m seriously still so in love with our Abu Dhabi engagement photos. Our friend Ille offered to take them for a crazy good deal, because one night at the infamous UAE brunches we got to talking about how I had a dream of Abu Dhabi engagement photos, and she was dying to try out a desert shoot… it was fate.

The result was these absolutely stunning photos taken during sunset in the vast “empty quarter” of the UAE, the largest desert in the world. The sunset, the camels, and the romantic atmosphere are pretty much guaranteed to get you day dreaming about planning your own Middle Eastern adventure!

By the way, if you’re looking for Abu Dhabi engagement photos, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Ille for a shoot. Even years later I still regularly get compliments about how beautiful and unique these are, all because of the magic she worked effortlessly behind the camera.

Honestly, these photos really just never fail to make me smile, so I just hope you enjoy them as much as Daniel and I do!
















Don’t you wish that everyday life could be this magical and romantic all the time? That’s part of why I love travel photography so much, because when it’s done so well like these are, it captures the daydream, the adventure, the feeling of anticipation that is so unique to exploring somewhere new… even just writing this is making me want to take a trip back there soon!

All my love,

PS If you want to know more about me and Daniel, you can read our story here, or check out our Dayton wedding album!


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Slight North

Collect memories, not things. 

Who Are Dan and Di? Get to Know the Couple Behind Slight North

Hey guys! Di here. I’ve been running Slight North for a year now, and have been feeling for awhile that the website is just a little… impersonal.

I try to keep my articles helpful, relevant, and to-the-point, but sometimes that means a little personality gets lost in the shuffle. So, I decided to write this as a perfect in-between. Anyone who just wants to get the info and get out can have what they want in my no-frills write-ups, BUT if you want to learn a little more about me and Dan and how we do what we do, you’ve come to the right place!


So, who are Dan and Di?


Meet Di… the writer, trip planner, and social media presence behind Slight North


For me, life is just what happens between giant bowls of popcorn. I’m an avid reader, and by reading I mean the subtitles on every obscure Netflix show that I binge watched in Latin America last year.

I’m a travel enthusiast, recently converted hiker, and major beer lover. Craft beers, national beers, ciders, stouts, porters, IPAs… I wanna try it all. My favorite Sunday pasttime is deciphering the drunken notes I took on my iPhone to write my next brewery blog post.

To be honest, my dream is to be a fashionable travel blogger with flowing dresses and stylish hats in every photo, but I’m way too lazy… Slight North is the Walmart version of that with my half-assed attempt to make it happen. Enjoy!


Meet Dan, the web designer and finance mastermind behind Slight North.

Daniel Constable co-founder of Slight North  


Hey, y’all. My name is Daniel, but most people prefer to call me Dan. I self-identify as an average bald man.

I’m currently working with Lurn, Inc. as the Associate Content Manager, which is just a way of saying that I do a little bit of everything related to the entrepreneurial content that we create.

I enjoy long walks through crowded city streets, and I think I might die a few years early from breathing in smog. My writing is exclusive, so you won’t find it on major publications or anywhere else online.

Follow me on Instagram!


Our Story

Daniel and I met at a college party late in 2010, and have pretty much been together ever since. We suffered through three hard years of long distance while he went to Miami University in Ohio, and I went to Boston College.

In 2014, we both graduated (me with a USELESS political science degree, and Dan with one in English Education) and were ready to finally start our life together. So, we did what any normal couple does, and moved around the world to teach in Abu Dhabi



The experience was crazy, fun, stressful, exciting, and everything in between. We were able to pay off our collective $58k of student loans, and even save some on the side. We also got to visit nine new countries together, and knew from then on that teaching is hell but traveling is dope, and the less work we could do to make that happen, the better.

We got engaged in August 2015 at the beautiful Devou Park in Kentucky overlooking the Cincinnati skyline, and then we got married! November 5, 2016, was seriously such a magical, romantic, fun, absolutely perfect day! Throwing a badass party for everyone you know and love while also spending thousands of dollars just to look hot is straight amazing, and I recommend it to everyone. It really was the best day ever.



After our wedding in Ohio, we stayed at home to hang out with our families for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. This gave us an awesome risk-free window to venture into freelancing. Dan started as a writer, and I began with social media management. Our income fluctuated a LOT, and so we set off for greener (aka cheaper) pastures in Colombia.

We stayed in Medellin for six months, then spent four more traveling through Peru before returning home for the holidays in 2017. We both stuck with our original jobs for most of the first year, until I couldn’t bear the marketing anymore and switched to writing in July 2017. Dan landed a full-time remote work job as a content manager for Lurn in December 2017.


What’s Next for Slight North?

In 2017, Dan and I traveled slowly in Colombia and Peru, but 2018 won’t be the same. We started with two months in Mexico, and in April we’re setting off on an Eastern European trip. You can find us this year in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia before we return to the states for a wedding in November!



Bonus: Dogs We Love & You Should Too

If you kinda like us, you’ll definitely love Chester and Birdie, aka the cutest dogs EVER. They are both 13 (can you believe it?) but still the perfect, best pals. Whenever we travel we always begin to miss them first, and slowly 10% then 20% then 100% of our convos start to be about how much we want to see them, and that’s when we know it’s time to book a flight home!



Wait, Don’t Go!

If you wanna see more of our beautiful faces (who wouldn’t) just click below to explore the photo diaries from our engagement shoot in the Abu Dhabi desert by the super talented Ille Erasmus, and the album from our sunny fall wedding in Dayton, Ohio.

Abu Dhabi Desert Engagement Shoot   ||   Dan and Di’s Dayton Wedding

I hope you guys stick around, read some of our stuff, and of course comment below or shoot us an email to connect. I’d love to chat, swap travel tips, or even meet up sometime if our paths cross!

All my love,

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Slight North

Collect memories, not things. 

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