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Take the Risk


Although I’m now living in South America, I knew since I was a little girl that I would travel the world someday. I clearly remember my oldest sister flying away to Thailand for the summer. I stayed up all night and rode with my mom to drop her off at the airport at 4am, just to feel like I was a little part of the action.

I considered many different careers as I went through high school and college, always ALWAYS asking myself, can I travel with this job? How can I work and live around the world?

Working with the State Department was a clear choice, but unfortunately, I’m absolutely horrible at learning other languages, a major requirement. I considered the Peace Corp, international development jobs, and even taught abroad for two years in the UAE. I never found what I was looking for.


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Finally, in 2016, I took my dream and chased it down. No businesses wanted to let an entry-level employee work from home around the world, so I did the logical thing; I started my own while living in South America.

Now I own a digital marketing agency with clients ranging from political news outlets to jewelry stores to sports supplements, and more. Oh, and the best part? I had ZERO marketing experience. Yet, only seven months in, I no longer have to find clients, they all come to me.

Now, I spend my days sipping drinks in cafe’s, laying by the pool, lounging at home, and being paid for it! I enjoy the creative freedom that marketing gives me, and I find the numbers and analytics very satisfying (when my campaigns are going well of course).


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I’m 25. I’m living in South America, and I own my own business, make my own hours, and travel the world, moving from country to country on a whim. My dreams are coming true every day… follow me and I’ll share them with you 🙂

All my love,


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