Castle Finca in Guatapé: Lakehouse Stay

After taking two day trips out to Guatape, I knew that it was finally time to escape Medellin for a longer trip. Daniel and I landed a sponsored stay at the Castle Finca in Guatape, a gorgeous lake house located between El Penol and La Piedra, and we couldn’t be happier that we did!




This finca in Guatape is situated at the end of a small peninsula and boasts gorgeous lake views. In front of the house, though, was our own gated paradise. The courtyard features a pool, jacuzzi, multiple hammocks, and a bar and grill that are all surrounded by lush green gardens. Medellin disappeared from my mind the second I took a deep breath of the fresh clean country side air.




The Castle features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, so it took quite a bit of exploring to get our bearings around the unique home. It also has plenty of staircases, balconies, and deck spaces scattered on all sides, showcasing every possible view from the home.

One of my favorite areas to relax was the large two story dock on the water behind the house. It was the perfect place to lean back and relax with shisha, watch the sunset, and soak in the simple quietness that we forget that we need so badly sometimes.




The next morning, we woke up with the sun rising over the water right outside the master windows. After snapping a few shots of the colorful show, we headed down to the dock for an early morning kayak trip out on the water. Sean, the manager, provided everything that we needed at the home, so it was easy to grab them and get our adventure started.

Paddling along on the water was beyond serene. The multitude of houses built along the lake area are dream come true for any house hunter enthusiast. They range from ultra modern to flowery cottages to everything in between. Time slipped away imagining the different lives we would lead in each one. After our workout, it was time for a hard day’s work… laying out in the sun by the pool, while Daniel lounged reading in the hammocks in the shade.

When we wanted to head in to Guatape for dinner or drinks, it was easy to catch a ride. We just walked out to the road and waited for, well, anything to pass by. Buses, taxis, jeeps, tuk tuks, they all know where we’re heading and will stop to make sure we get there.



I easily could have spent a week out here away from it all. The worst part about the stay was saying goodbye to our lakeside home to return to Medellin.

If you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, this quiet lakeside finca in Guatapé is the place for you.

Check it out here, and plan your trip today!

All my love,



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Penthouse in Poblado: Torre Rossini

Daniel and I had the pleasure of spending a sponsored stay in the Torre Rossini penthouse in Poblado for a night. The experience was unforgettable.

Poblado is my favorite neighborhood in Medellin, so when I saw this stunning penthouse on Airbnb I knew I had to check it out for a night.

Are you ready?

Picture this: you enter into a stunning two story sitting room, all white, with floor to ceiling windows.

The first floor also has a terrace, living and kitchen areas, and four bedrooms. Turn up a stone staircase to explore further, and you won’t be disappointed. The top floor left me speechless! It boasts an incredible terrace with panoramic views of the city, a chill lounge area, a bar, heated pool, jacuzzi, AND sauna and steam rooms.


Girl with coffee


The most incredible part of the top floor though, has to be the master suite. It’s excluded from the rest of the house for the ultimate private recharge zone, and it has glass windows on three of the four sides. I have to admit, I spent most of my time in the jacuzzi built into the floor – perfect for a hot bubble bath and a glass (or three) of champagne.



Want to relax even MORE while you enjoy the view? Try out the brand new massage table! During our stay, Daniel, the bilingual manager, sent over an amazing masseuse. It was my first ever massage (besides a weird experience in Thailand… but that’s a story for another time), and I think I’m probably ruined forever. How will I ever top a private massage in my own master suite with a view of Medellin?

Once I reached ultimate relaxation levels, I washed off in the bathroom that was actually bigger than apartments I’ve lived in before (not a joke, unfortunately), and took a dip in the rooftop pool. To say the day was perfect would definitely be an understatement.



After spending a lazy day in the pool and jacuzzi, Daniel (my husband, not the manager!) threw together a quick cheese and meat platter, lit up a shisha, and cracked a bottle of wine to finish the night on the cozy lit up terraces. With a full stomach and a hazy head, we cuddled up in the king size bed watching the city lights come on. With the entire city stretched out before me, I felt like the queen of Medellin, nodding off while overlooking the vast reaches of my kingdom.



The next morning, relaxed and refreshed, Daniel and I set an alarm to enjoy the sunrise. I’m definitely not a morning person, so this penthouse was perfect for someone as lazy as me. All we had to do was open our eyes and watch from bed!

The pinks and purples washing over the city and mountains set the tone for a perfect sunny day to follow, laying out on the pool deck and letting time pass without a care in the world. Breakfast prep and maid service is included in the stay, so we didn’t have to lift a finger the entire time. Can I please go back now??


girl with camera in bed


Have you ever been to a penthouse with a full spa, or seen a view as amazing as this one? If not, you NEED to check out the Torre Rossini penthouse in Poblado here on AirBnb! I promise, it’ll be a night of luxury you’ll never forget.

2018 UPDATE: This Penthouse is no longer available for short term rentals because it’s on the market. However, if you’re interesting in purchasing it let me know and I can put you in contact with the owner!

All my love,

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Penthouse in Medellin: AF Boutique Living

I knew that our sponsored penthouse stay in Medellin was going to be amazing the second that I set foot in the private elevator. Let me give you a quick tour of the place…

Alejandro’s penthouse has two floors. The downstairs houses four of the five bedrooms (three of which have their own ensuite bathrooms btw), the kitchen, sitting room, and two balconies. If this was the entire apartment, I’d give it a phenomenal review. However, the second that you step upstairs, you completely forget that the first level exists.

The entire second floor is a master suite fit for royalty. With a king size bed, a modern wrap around fireplace, and a shower with a panoramic view of the city, I had no idea where to relax first. Then, I saw the outdoor terrace. Alejandro has built a true paradise, high above the busy streets of Medellin.


breakfast in bed, girl, champagne


The view extends through the entire valley of Medellin, and I felt like a queen overlooking my kingdom (even if it was just for one night.) The terrace also features a grill and bar, a huge seating area, and a private jacuzzi. Once I set foot on it, I knew that I would never want to leave to explore Medellin. Of course, Alejandro has the bar stocked with top shelf liquor and a chef on call so we never had to!

Now, if you know me, you know there are two things that I love: an amazing view and a private pool. A terrace with a panoramic view of the entire valley that I can enjoy from my own private pool? That changes the game. The best part about the pool isn’t that there are tons of comfy lounge chairs for tanning (though those were much appreciated,) it’s the temperature control! Leave the heat off all day and soak in the cool waters while sunning and snacking on the terrace. When the sun goes down, all that you have to do is grab some champagne and flip a switch to heat up the pool to turn it into a jacuzzi for a wild night 🙂


terrace, city view


We all know, though, that true luxury is in the small touches, and the care that Alejandro has so clearly put into this penthouse in Medellin is what really brings it to the next level. The menus list not only take out, but also the best restaurants, bars, and clubs around, any phone number that you may need, and all the WiFi passwords and channels made getting settled in a breeze. Each bed also comes with it’s own robe, handy for when you’re hanging out in your swimsuit all day.

We stay in luxury homes and resorts to experience something we’d NEVER get at our own homes. At Alejandro’s, the master bedroom has gorgeous two story glass walls on three of the four sides, perfect for enjoying the view while I also enjoyed breakfast in bed.

The view at night is even more stunning, with all the lights alive and sparkling, but who wants to get up and close three walls worth of curtains when you’re ready for bed and don’t want to be woken by the sun? Not me. That’s why Alejandro revolutionized the game with remote controlled curtains. Enjoy the stunning vista until you’re ready to nod off, then just tap a button to close yourself in for a cozy night. Amazing.

To top it ALL off, Alejandro is the most vibrant, cheerful, and friendly person that you will ever meet! He responds to all communication quickly and with a smile. If you’re looking for a penthouse in Medellin, you must stay in the heart of it all, Poblado. And if you’re staying in Poblado, you absolutely cannot pass up Alejandro’s luxurious penthouse in Medellin. Check out the listing here and get planning!

All my love,

city view, overhang


jumping in bed, bedroom, fun


coffee, book, couch, fireplace


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