I’m fairly certain that every article written on “things to do in Sibiu” was thrown together in an hour by someone who has never set foot in this city. They are all the same, and all kinda useless.

Spending two minutes on a bridge or walking through a square isn’t what I’m looking for when I’m trying to make plans! I’m guessing you’re here for the same reason… because you’ve already checked those off your list and are still looking for more things to do in Sibiu

Well, get your explorin’ shoes on because here’s a list of 24 awesome things to do in Sibiu that you can’t miss during your stay!


What to do in the City

This low-effort list starts with things to do in Sibiu right outside your front door.


1. Rent a Bike and Ride Through the Sub Arini Park

We rented bikes from Ivelo in the city center and it couldn’t have been easier or cheaper. The cost is only 28 lei / 7 usd to rent two bikes for three hours. The park was just a couple minutes ride down the street and if you’re really adventurous can even go all the way to ASTRA Museum or the small town of Cisnadioara.


2. Take a Food Tour

There are plenty of different options to get a true taste of Sibiu. Transylvanian Taste offers a walking food tour for 35 euros, or you can check out options at Eat Local starting at 17 euros each.


3. Rest a Vespa Scooter

If you don’t want to rent a bike, a vespa is always another (faste and more fun) option. You can get them here for 150 lei / 38 usd for three hours, 200 lei for a day, and 350 lei for two days. The company also shares different routes around the city to help you get the most of your trip.


4. Visit the ASTRA Museum

This is the one of the largest outdoor museums in the world and has a large lake and recreated Romanian villages scattered across the grassy landscape. Take a few hours to see the windmills, farms, and houses, or even enjoy Romanian craft beer in their beer garden! Entrance costs 17 lei  / 4 usd per person.


5. Climb the Church Tower for Awesome Views

Admiring this gorgeous city is one of my favorite things to do in Sibiu. The Lutheran Cathedral is closed for renovations, but you can still climb the tower. It only costs 4 lei / 1 usd per person, and the views are absolutely beautiful. Definitely a must to capture a perfect Instagram pic of the city.


View of Sibiu Romania from the Church Tower


6. Explore the Romanian Craft Beer Scene

Drinking my way through a new city is one of my absolute favorite past times. Use my guide to craft beer in Sibiu to grab some new brews to-go from the shops or visit the pubs and bars serving the best that Romania has to offer.


7. Check Out The Sibiu Calendar of Events

Lucky enough to be in town for one of their famous music festivals or the Christmas market? Take a minute to look at the events calendar from the Sibiu Tourism Board to see what’s coming up next.


8. Tour the First Brewery in Sibiu

If you’re interested in connecting with the local culture in an unconventional way, considering touring Urban Brewery, Sibiu’s first craft beer brewery. It’s definitely a unique thing to do in Sibiu and the owner Adrian is super nice and always happy to meet new travelers passing through. Shoot him a message on their website to set one up and get to know a little more about how beer is made.


9. See a Play or Show

This calendar from Tourism Sibiu has everything you need to know to get some more culture in your life. Find theater, film festivals, concerts, and more to change up your night out.


10. Eat Like a Local

Every traveler wants to avoid overpriced meals and mediocre food. Be sure you’re only eating the best that Sibiu has to offer by sticking to this list of 6 Sibiu Restaurants that the Locals Recommend (I tried them all too, for quality control of course).


Half Day Trips from Sibiu

These options may require a little more planning ahead, but are still super fun things to do in Sibiu.


11. Volunteer at Sibiu Animal Life

Volunteering is always a great thing to do in Sibiu. I really don’t do it enough, so I was excited to spend a day at Sibiu Animal Life shelter this weekend.

Daniel and I met Andrea, the amazing owner who started the shelter 12 years ago, and she told us all about the history and challenges that come along with being one of the only no-kill shelters in the area.

Of course, we also played with the dogs, took way to many pictures, and walked them with her in the woods behind the shelter. Sibiu Animal Life is really clean, nice and well-run, and located only 15 minutes from Sibiu by car. This is a perfect way to see some cute pups while also doing good!


Volunteering at Sibiu Animal Life, a dog shelter in Sibiu


12. Go on a Horseback Ride

Villa Abbatis is located about an hour drive from Sibiu and offers horse and history tours for 110 euros per person. They’re usually 6 to 8 hours long and include lunch and visits to small towns and fortified churches as well. If you’re not too confident in your horse riding skills you can also check out Pension Ferma Brandusa in Avrig, where you can book shorter and more lowkey rides starting at only 50 lei / 10 euros each.


13. Eat lunch at Palatul Burkenthal

This palace is in Avrig along with the horseback riding, so they’re perfect to combine into a half-day trip. Daniel and I didn’t go but throwing on a summer dress and eating good food in the ornate gardens sounds like a perfect weekend activity in my book. It’s located 30 minutes away from Sibiu and you can find more info here.


14. Paraglide over the Transylvanian Countryside

Want to cross a heart-pounding adventure off your list of things to do in Sibiu? If so, multiple companies offer paragliding in and around the city. The tour company Sibiu Reisen charges 70 euros for the activity and Air Adrenaline starts at 53 euros. However, you can explore other options and prices in the city as well.


15. Take a Hike at Paltinis Resort

The Paltinis Resort draws in skiers in the winter and hikers in the summer. Whatever time of year it is, it’s always worth a visit from Sibiu. The resort sits up in the mountains about 45 minutes from the city and if you don’t have a car use this website to find the bus pricing and schedule.


16. Explore Castelul de Lut

This house is every childhood fairytale come to life. Just look at these photos to see for yourself. The entrance fee is 5 lei / 1.25 usd per person and it’s located about an hour drive from Sibiu.


17. Visit the Small Town of Cisnadioara

Daniel and I visited Cisnadioara on a day trip to Corvin Castle, but it’s only about 15 minutes from Sibiu and easy to get to anytime. While there take in the lovely view from the fortified church and relax while wandering the winding streets of the old village.


Cisnadiora a small town near Sibiu


18. Road Trip on the Transfagarasan Highway

Unfortunately, this ultra-scenic road trip is only open from July to October. Once it starts to snow in the Carpathian Mountains it gets too dangerous and the road is closed again until next summer. If you’re lucky enough to be here during the right time, rent a car and enjoy the gorgeous views from the second highest road in the country.


19. Ride the Cable Car to Balea Lake

The Balea Lake cable car takes you to, you guessed it, Balea Lake. A ride on the cable car costs 30 lei / 7.50 usd per person each way, and at the top of the mountain you’ll find lodges, restaurants, hiking trails and mountain views. In the winter, there’s even an ice hotel! You can take this bus to the cable car for 31 euros round trip and in the summer months when Transfagarasn highway opens up you can skip the cable car and drive or take the bus all the way to Balea Lake.


20. Swim at the Ocna Sibiului

This small resort is one of the most refreshing things to do in Sibiu in the summer. Visit to swim in the salty lakes, get a mud treatment, or just to soak up the sun and chill out for a bit. Entrance is 15 lei / 3.75 and it’s a 20 minute drive from Sibiu.


Full Day Trips from Sibiu

These adventures are for those really trying to get out of the city. Renting a car does make these easier, but they can both be reached by public transport as well.


21. Visit Sighisoara

Sighisoara is like a tinier version of Sibiu. The main draw is the historic center built inside an old citadel, but the town is mostly a place to just do nothing and chill. A trip here includes wandering the streets, taking some pictures and day drinking at a cafe in the sun. Buses and trains both run from Sibui to Sighisoara, and your best bet is to walk to the station at Autogara 1 (about 10 minutes from the Sibiu center) to check the schedules beforehand.


22. Don’t Miss the Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle is an ancient and imposing fortress located an hour and a half from Sibiu in a town called Hunedoara. Read my full write up of the day trip here for exact details on the price, transport options, and more.


Corvin Castle near Sibiu, Romania


Weekend Trips from Sibiu

Running out of things to do in Sibiu? There are also plenty of great weekend trips from the city and plenty of ways to get to them. You can:

  • Rent a car starting at 29 euros a day
  • Download the BlaBlaCar app and catch a ride for ~7 euros
  • Take a bus or train from the Autogara 1 Station, which usually costs around 4 to 8 euros depending on the destination.


23. Brasov + Bran Castle

Daniel and I spent an amazing weekend in Brasov and combined it with a visit to Dracula’s Castle (aka Bran Castle) as well. Brasov is like a bigger version of Sibiu and just as beautiful. The town is famous for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer and is worth a visit in any season. If you want to go check out my full write up to see all my transport, accommodation, pricing, and itinerary suggestions as well.


Bran Castle, Draculas Castle in Romania


24. Cluj-Napoca + Turda Salt Mine

Cluj is the second biggest city in Romania. It’s two and a half hours from Sibiu and easy to reach by train or bus. While there, definitely don’t miss a quick visit to the Turda Salt Mine! The giant underground mine has been repurposed and now hosts a theme park, lake, pools, and plenty of activities to fill your day.


If you’re looking for things to do in Sibiu this exhaustive list definitely has you covered.

Get your heart racing with paragliding, go hiking in the nearby mountains, visit a fairytale castle, volunteer, or just eat and drink your way through the city in the sun! Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Sibiu!


PS looking for more recommendations for your trip? Check out the Romania Guide to find the complete guide to craft beer in Sibiu, see the 6 Sibiu restaurants that the locals recommend, read my experience as a digital nomad in Romania and much more!




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